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G59/2-1 Site Visits

I thought it would be a good idea to let you have a look at some of the sites situations we come across, if for nothing else it will make you aware of the vast range of different sites we work on.

Dont forget when you become a G59/2-1 Test and Commissioning Engineer, you could be working on all types of equipment.

The project below was developed and installed by Mr Andy Penswick, Andy has been on all our courses and is now ready to install and test any project he develops himself. If you look at the standard of work delivered by his team of installers I hope you agree with me, that its first class, and I am proud to be associated with this level of work.

 site-installers-5 site-installers-6

The Fronius CL48 which is shown here is one of the best pieces of equipment on the market, it allows installers like Andy to control array sizes up to 50 Kwp.

In the photo on the left you will see one of our RENSOL relay control panel which was fitted and tested by us on site. You will also see that the panel as everything you need including meter and fusing, this means there is no requirement for out side fuse boxes etc.



 When we design a system we do all we can to make it easy for the installer, with the equipment you see above I believe we have achieved this. When you order a relay panel as Andy did for his project,it is made bespoke and therefore if you favour one relay as against another, no problem we will build that panel for you.


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