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Studying At The Renewable Solution Online Offers You...

The alternative to traditional education we can offer you the chance to study from home in your own time - or from work or wherever you choose. It's your opportunity to learn new skills and achieve your goals, when you thought you didn't have the time or money to do it.

By choosing The Renewable Solution online training, you choose a flexible and affordable way to learn new or to develop your existing skills, gain additional knowledge or fulfill a passion.

Our aim is to make learning as accessible as possible, allowing you to get the skills, training and knowledge you want, in a way that offers you complete flexibility. Whatever your objectives, we can equip you with the right skills to get ahead, and we'll support you every step of the way.

For many courses you don't need any previous qualifications and we'll help you choose the right one for you. Our courses comprise of high quality materials, whether printed, online, or downloadable straight from your own documents area.


You may be:

Looking to gain employment in the renewable industry....
Engineers, Sales Executive's, Maintenece Engineers and Support Staff who are looking to gain employment within the industry. This training will enable candidates to submit a formal certificate of training when applying for positions within the renewable industry. This will give you the edge over other applicants and enable you to talk with confidence at interview.

For companies who wish to consider entering into the renewable industry....
This training programme can give companies an insight to the renewable industry and assist in making a decision whether this is a viable option for their business.

For inhouse training for new and existing staff.....
Companies can use our training programme as part of their induction system for new starters within the company. This could be relevant for any front of house staff who will be speaking to your clients. Any new starters would benefit from training as it will ensure that they could start to gain basic knowledge of the renewable industry using a certificated training method. This would give your company the confidence that new members of staff would be learning about the industry quickly and effectivley.

For renewable engineers to refresh existing skills or gain additional skills....
Companies can benefit by giving their engineers access to a effective and finanically viable training programme to gain new skills or refresh exisiting skills.

A professional looking to upgrade your qualifications....
Directors and managers can now gain further knowledge to assist in the running of their business without having to take valuable time away from the office.

I don't have time to study!
With online training and flexible study options, you can study at your own pace. You can study in the comfort of your own home, and do as many subjects that suit you.
Vocational study is not designed to monopolies your time. We recognize that our students have social lives, families, other commitments, which is why we provide education that is accessible, whatever your lifestyle.

Online courses are conducted through our online learning website . You can access all course materials through this website, and also complete interactive Self Tests to enhance your understanding of ideas or identify potential weak areas in your knowledge. Assignment submission is through the online assignment submission system.
Our Courses are not designed to be difficult — they are designed to help you get where you're going, to realize your own potential and to go forward with the skills and experience you need to reach your goals.

Please remember our mantra "confidence comes from knowledge"



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