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Our Latest Success

Our latest success is shown below. You can see two quotation letters from the same DNO. One prior to our involvement at £885,000.00 and one after our development and involvement with a new connection charge of £132,480.56+VAT.
Anybody with large non contestable work quotations from DNO's should surely be excited by this demonstration of how Renewable Solution can redesign, reconstruct and reapply your projects.

If you have an offer of Contestable Works from any DNO and you feel the charge is too high, why not let Renewable Solution challenge that quotation for you. We have all the skills and the contacts to bring your quotation down like we have done with the demonstration above, and the best news is you only have to pay a small percentage of the monies gained.

So please get in touch and we will give you a fixed quotation on your Contestable Works.

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