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HIROAKIYA Power Wig, Chainsaw Man Power Cosplay Wig with Clip Horns, Wig Cap

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Power is childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated. She tends to fight as if she has something to gain and is certain of her victory, and has no problems with running away from a fight where she is outmatched. [5] She feels the need to boast her superiority over her fellow Devil Hunters due to her status as a Fiend. She has no loyalty to humans or Devils, openly admitting that she will join whichever is the winning side. [6] Power also enjoys the thrill of a fight and enjoys showing off her strength and proving her own superiority. When she was in front of an army of zombies she got excited and told Denji to watch carefully how she single-handedly defeats all of them. [7] She is highly egoistical and often claims she is capable of doing things she cannot actually do, only to abandon them halfway through when the situation turns sour for her. She frequently deflects the consequences of her actions to those around her. Power takes up residence at Aki's home after she joins Public Safety. Aki frequently winds up being annoyed by Power's rude and brash tendencies, and she seems to enjoy needling him. Despite this, she does grow to care for Aki as time goes on, and seems saddened after the events with the Gun Fiend. The two might be described as developing a similar relationship to a disgruntled elder brother and bratty little sister, with Power constantly causing trouble that Aki has to deal with. Blood Spear: Power can create a spear out of her own blood and uses it to stab at her target. By placing her blood in bottles and hiding them in the area as traps she can make spears suddenly appear from the environment to take her opponent off-guard. [29] Right now, Power has only one contract, being with Denji. [23] In exchange for promising to find and befriend the reincarnated Blood Devil, Power gave Denji her blood. Denji used her blood to create a blood chainsaw and disturb Makima's regeneration. In her original form as a Devil, Power claimed to be greatly feared to the point where other Devils would flee from her scent, though this is quite possibly just boasting. [22] As a Devil, Power possesses all of the standard Devil abilities, such the ability to make contracts with humans for a price, restoring her health by consuming blood, take over a dead human body and their consciousness, becoming a Fiend, and reviving in Hell after being killed.

Power Chainsaw Man Cosplay - Etsy UK Power Chainsaw Man Cosplay - Etsy UK

After returning from Hell and witnessing the power of the Darkness Devil, Power develops severe PTSD, being completely afraid of being alone and feeling that she will be swallowed by the Darkness Devil. As a result, she needs Aki and Denji to help take care of her, helping her to eat, bathe, and sleep, revealing a more vulnerable side. [17] Dominion and Virtue are also followers of Chainsaw Man along with, Angel Devil, Beam, Galgali, Princi and Seraphim.

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Despite initially wanting to eat her and taking care of her only so that she could be fattened up, Power cares deeply for her cat, Meowy. [19] She was willing to sacrifice Denji's life to save her from the Bat Devil. [20] When she thought Meowy was dead after being eaten by the Bat Devil, Power became despondent and empathized with Denji before allowing herself to be eaten. [21] Denji Power is a compulsive habitual liar; after getting in trouble with Makima for killing a Devil when she wasn't supposed to, Power immediately blamed Denji and claimed he told her to kill it. [8] She also blamed Denji for eating all of the emergency food that the team collected even while she had crumbs on her face, [9] and when accused of abandoning a fight because she was scared, Power falsely stated that she ran away merely because she was hungry. [10] Aki Hayakawa † • Angel † • Beam † • Denji ‡ • Furuno • Fushi † • Galgali † • Himeno † • Kato † • Kishibe • Kobeni Higashiyama ‡ • Kusakabe † • Quanxi • Madoka ‡ • Makima † • Masaki Ando † • Michiko Tendo † • Minami Nakano ‡ • Nakamura † • Nomo † • Power † • Princi † • Sato † • Subaru † • Tamaoki † • Tanabe † • Yutaro Kurose † • Hirokazu Arai † • Fumiko Mifune • Katana Man

Chainsaw Man Wig - Etsy UK

Blood Hammer: Power can create an enormous hammer out of her own blood which she uses to crush her opponents. [26] She can also make smaller handheld versions. [28]Thousand Terrors Blood Rain ( サウザンドテラブラッドレイン , Sauzando Tera Buraddo Rein ?): In her Full Devil form, Power can generate thousands of blood swords and spears from the blood surrounding herself, levitate and throw them to her enemies. She can use this technique several times. This technique is strong enough to halt Makima for a couple of seconds. Blood Transfer: Through a contract, Power can transfer her blood and life energy to someone, similar to Pochita's ability to assimilate Denji's body. It was enough to completely heal the critically damaged Chainsaw Man's body. Akane Sawatari † • Aldo • Denji ‡ • Hirofumi Yoshida • Joey † • Kenzo • Santa Claus ‡ • Tolka † • Asa Mitaka • Yoru Power has always had a deep fear of Makima, ( likely due to her prowess as the Control Devil). Even with Power's personality, Makima's unsettlingly calm commands cut through Power easily. Makima offers Power a chance to be her "pet" again if she hands over Chainsaw Man, immediately turning the worry in Power's eyes to excitement. But due to Makima's cold-hearted personality, Makima kills her without remorse. Power possesses the corpse of an unknown woman or girl with long hair. Her hair color varies from blonde to pink in manga illustrations, even appearing dirty blonde or light brown in some official art, and appears strawberry blonde in the anime. As a Fiend, she has red and yellow eyes that form a cross pattern, sharp teeth with defined fangs, and light red horns protruding from the top of her head. [1] If Power accumulates too much blood, her horns become larger and more curved, and she can sprout additional pairs of horns from the sides of her head. [2]

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