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Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

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Gag Boobs: Marune and basically everyone in her Sabbath has these, making them all Oppai-loli. This is apparently a result of being raised on her home village's produce. Despite that, it's seemingly still safe for the rest of the Sabbath to eat. This is also the only Sabbath Branch where lolified Holstaurs are accepted for membership. Religion of Evil: Seduced by one after the good God stops responding to her prayers, and the evil one starts. Or at least "fallen" if not "evil." Ambiguous Situation: It's not really explained how she became involved with the Sabbath or whether she's a willing participant or not in the demonstration from this section of the book. Tomboy and Girly Girl: As Cerberus, she's obsessed with her own femininity. She uses all sorts of means to try and assert it to the main character. Emotionless Girl: As an assassin she went through training to kill all emotion. This doesn't make her immune to the lust invoking properties of the Insignia.

Mommy's Little Villain: She's the Demon Lord's Fourth Daughter, and she looks MUCH scarier than her sister presented in the MGE-1. Fashion Victim Villain: Post-Corruption, she wears a dress of TENTACLES! Before that, it's just ugly. Slime-Green overtop of light purple? Who thought of that?! Really Seven Hundred Years Old: Since her branch doesn't do recruitment like the other branches do, it's implied that most of the membership have been with her since before the current Demon Lord which probably accounts for their tendency to act like old women despite their appearance. The Fashionista: The members of Momonika's sabbath wear very modern looking clothes that she apparently designed herself and she also has an entire clothes line based on the same style that she sells to monster children. Shrinking Violet: She's very longwinded and rambling in her writing but apparently shy in face to face conversation.And Then John Was a Zombie: Most of the heroines dedicated themselves to fighting monsters, before getting turned into one. Christmas Cake: Acts like one of these. She apparently missed out on the "husband taking frenzy" immediately after Polove's transformation into a Demon Realm because she was too busy writing a report on it. This has caused her to become so desperate that she tries to use the book to advertise the fact that she's looking for a husband. This annoys the Wandering Scholar.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Volume 1 and Volume 2 have taken the world of monster girls by storm, offering an immersive and delightfully mature exploration of this captivating genre. These books, lovingly crafted for adult readers, delve into the depths of fantasy, sensuality, and allure through the lens of alluring monster girls. High Heel Face Turn: She defected from the ranks of the previous Demon Lord after falling in love with the Chosen Hero meant to defeat them.Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": She's only ever directly referred to as The Demon Lord. It is implied that her true name might be Lilith, but that's mostly due to her daughters being called Lilim and an allegedly mythical potion called "Lilith's Panacea" which is said to be the only way a human woman can be monsterized as a Lilim (Normally only direct children of the Demon Lord can be Lilim. Not even the daughters of Lilim can be Lilim themselves and monsterizing a human into a Lilim is impossible as far as anyone knows). Childhood Friend Romance: She also played with Wilmarina and Elt when they were all kids at least until Elt's family was fired and Wilmarina threw herself into her hero training. Corrupt the Cutie: Her favorite hobby. Although being a monster it's implied she sees it more as "helping" them than corrupting them.

Leader of the Medical Sabbath and the inventor of Pharmacomancy. She is extremely dedicated to helping others to the point of carefully screening new prospective members of her Sabbath to make sure they're just as dedicated as her, rather than only being interested in learning Pharmacomancy or finding a husband. It is said that she was inspired by a kindly human doctor she once met who continued to be dedicated to helping his patients even after being exiled from his home country. The Ladette: Described as a woman who abandoned her womanhood pre-transformation, to the point where she would even change clothes in front of her male troops without batting an eye. She also frequently took Elt out for drinks after training.Ambiguous Situation: While one can guess her reasons for accompanying the Scholar, it's still not entirely certain what her goals really are. The real question is why she hasn't made him her husband yet if that's her goal. Evil Orphan: Not Sasha herself, but two little orphan girls are corrupted into Dark Priests by her. Child Mage: Who is apparently also a Child Prodigy and Wise Beyond Her Years. But she's actually a deconstruction, see I Just Want to Be Normal below.

Babies Ever After: She's the first to become pregnant with Elt's child after becoming a monster girl. Ill Girl: She's suffered from severe illness since childhood which has apparently rendered her infertile, making her even more useless to her family than she already was since they can't even marry her off for a political alliance. By the time Druella found her, her condition had deteriorated to the point where she couldn't even get out of bed. Abusive Parents: Her parents were jerks who only really cared about her status as The Chosen One and her father tore apart her friendship with her childhood friend Elt out of the belief that his parents were hoping to get into the nobility by setting him up with her. Crazy Prepared: While monsters aren't really supposed to be able to be affected by human illnesses, Grellia firmly believes it's important to do research into the possibility that some of them actually could affect monsters just in case. She also believes in developing treatments even if there's little chance that they'll be needed just in case someone comes along who does need it.

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The Paragon Always Rebels: Even if she was " helped" along by Druella, this is another way of looking at the way she acts post transformation. Amnesiac Dissonance: She's implied to be suffering from some form of amnesia for unknown reasons and it's implied that she's actually someone very powerful and dangerous. This is based on both Shirokuto and Kuroferuru who are the two oldest Baphomets currently active in the Sabbath and are implied to have been around since before the current demon lord acting rather shaken upon meeting her, even though she didn't seem to recognize either of them. On top of that Shirokuto actually leaves a note in another part of the book warning people away from attempting to "wake her from her bestial dream" and refers to her as her "master." I Just Want to Be Normal: She hates magic, but because of her talent she was trained to be a magicial girl since she was 5 years old. Instead of relying on adults and being protected and loved by adults, she became someone that adults relied on and had to protect those adults. Behind all the gentle talk and smiles from those adults, they all wanted to use her, or were afraid of her. Just from witnessing her power once, from speech to action, no one would treat her as a kid... except for a Soldier she met one day on the street, whom she fell in love with. Her wish was only fulfilled when The Baphomet turned her into a witch. And while the common witch from the Encyclopedia can act like a normal human, Mimil's mental state seemed to be broken.

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