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ERDONG Secure Plate Holder, Plate & Dish Holder,Non-slip Secure A Plate Holder For Caravan Campervan Motorhome Boat

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N00.00228: Failure and success of the spectral bias prediction for Laplace Kernel Ridge Regression: the case of low-dimensional data

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering - ScienceDirect

N00.00075: Curing Kinetics of Methacrylate and Dual-Cure Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) Resins for UV-Curable Additive Manufacturing via In-Situ Raman Spectroscopy N00.00030: A mesoscale approach to model polyethylene degradation under a local temperature gradient Fu X, Wang E, Zhao Y, Liu A, Montgomery E, Gokhale VJ, Gorman JJ, Jing C, Lau JW, Zhu Y (2020) Direct visualization of electromagnetic wave dynamics by laser-free ultrafast electron microscopy. Science Advances 6:eabc3456. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abc3456N00.00125: Rapid, High-Resolution, Large-Area Patterning of Semiconducting Polymers using Projection Photothermal Lithography N00.00320: An emergent property of collective migration: spatial organization of motility phenotypes N00.00243: The effect of pins on micro- and macroscopic properties of sheared particles near jamming Dendritic cells (DCs) consisted of type 1 conventional DCs (cDC1s), type 2 cDCs (cDC2s) and plasmacytoid DCs (pDCs) 41. We identified cDC2s ( CD1C + FCER1A +) as the predominant cDC subset (Fig. 4a), paralleling with previous pan-cancer single-cell data 28, 42. The cDC subset displayed prominent antigen presentation properties ( HLA-DRA high HLA-DRB1 high), whereas pDCs extensively expressed chemotactic receptors ( CXCR3 high CXCR4 high) (Fig. 4d). The cDC subset seemed to be independent of histological origin, implying a general naive T-cell priming program shared by inflamed gallbladders and GBCs (Supplementary Fig. S11a). By contrast, despite being less abundant ( n = 89), the pDC subset chiefly resided in tumors (Fig. 4c), serving as a multitasking player in creating the immunosuppressive milieu, such as T-cell proliferation suppression ( GZMB) 43, interferon production inhibition ( PTPRS) 44, and metabolic rewiring ( CLIC3) (Supplementary Table S9) 45. Collectively, these results implied a pivotal role of myeloid cell subsets in nurturing the immunosuppressive gallbladder TME. T cell phenotypes reveal regulators modulating immune evasion in GBC

Erdong Wang (0000-0001-8233-4941) - ORCID

Alyxandra Vyn, Rae M Robertson-Anderson, Mehrzad Sasanpour, Michael J Rust, Moumita Das, Jennifer L Ross, Michelle Chiu

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N00.00377: Charge-Transfer States in Molecular Donor-Acceptor Dyad: Importance of State-Specific Solvation Hernandez-Fernaud, J. R. et al. Secreted CLIC3 drives cancer progression through its glutathione-dependent oxidoreductase activity. Nat. Commun. 8, 14206 (2017).

BNL | Staff | Erdong Wang, Electron-Ion Collider

Zhang Y, Liu W, Fang Y, Wu D (2006) Secure localization and authentication in ultra-wideband sensor networks. IEEE J Sel Areas Commun 24(4):829–835 To ensure each cell paired with a bead in a Gel Beads-in emulsion (GEM), 10× library preparation and sequencing beads with the unique molecular identifier (UMI) and cell barcodes were loaded close to saturation. Polyadenylated RNA molecules hybridized to the beads after exposure to the cell lysis buffer. Beads were retrieved into a single tube for reverse transcription. On cDNA synthesis, each cDNA molecule was tagged on the 5’ end with UMI and cell label indicating its cell of origin. Briefly, 10× beads were then subject to second-strand cDNA synthesis, adaptor ligation, and universal amplification. Sequencing libraries were prepared using randomly interrupted whole-transcriptome amplification products to enrich the 3’ end of the transcripts linked with the cell barcode and UMI. All the remaining procedures including the library construction were performed according to the standard manufacturer’s protocol (CG000206 RevD). Sequencing libraries were quantified using a High Sensitivity DNA Chip (Agilent) on a Bioanalyzer 2100 and the Qubit High Sensitivity DNA Assay (ThermoFisher). The libraries were sequenced on NovaSeq6000 (Illumina) using 2 × 150 chemistry (Shanghai Bohao Biotechnology; Shanghai OEbiotech Corporation). DNA isolation and whole exon sequencing (WES) Sexauer, D., Gray, E. & Zaenker, P. Tumour-associated autoantibodies as prognostic cancer biomarkers- a review. Autoimmun. Rev. 21, 103041 (2022). Luka Pocivavsek, Willa Li, Ziga Donik, Kameel Khabaz, Blessing Nnate, Junsung Kim, David Jiang, Alyssa Varsanik, Kayla Polcari, Nhung Nguyen Deczkowska, A., Weiner, A. & Amit, I. The physiology, pathology, and potential therapeutic applications of the TREM2 signaling pathway. Cell 181, 1207–1217 (2020).Veglia, F., Sanseviero, E. & Gabrilovich, D. I. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in the era of increasing myeloid cell diversity. Nat. Rev. Immunol. 21, 485–498 (2021). N00.00029: Limiting Side-Reaction Impact on Recyclability of Diels-Alder Networks Containing Furan-Maleimide Resins The primers, primary and secondary antibodies were listed in Supplementary Table S14, and were used at the concentrations indicated by manufacturer’s instructions. Statistics N00.00176: A highly sensitive fluorescent sensor for ammonia detection based on aggregation-induced emission luminogen-doped liquid crystals R Bharath Venkatesh, Jonathan Bingaman, Jung Hyun Ahn, Lynn M Walker, Susannah L Scott, Rachel A Segalman

Erdong WANG | scientist | Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY

N00.00349: Self-organization as a buffer for evolution, using cell polarity in budding yeast as a model Amod U Madurapperumage, Jailyn Johnson, Manjula P Senanayake, Shalika D Meedin, Gary S Grest, Dvora Perahia N00.00303: Biophysically informed modeling for mapping the effects of genetic and environmental perturbation on cell states

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Rahman O, Wang E, Ben-Zvi I, Biswas J, Skaritka J (2019) Increasing charge lifetime in dc polarized electron guns by offsetting the anode. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams. doi: 10.1103/physrevaccelbeams.22.083401 N00.00239: Investigation of the yielding transition in concentrated colloidal systems via rheo-XPCS

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