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Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

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As for the spirit games they play…why not also enjoy the great moments and memories of life on Earth and other worlds? And the Council of Elders…I think each soul should have their own, instead of a dozen to try and represent all souls. Access-restricted-item true Addeddate 2022-03-17 16:15:12 Bookplateleaf 0002 Boxid IA40396008 Camera Sony Alpha-A6300 (Control) Collection_set printdisabled External-identifier I learned from this book, that there is so much I have yet to learn. What Newton presents most will not take as scientifically founded, or even verifiable fact. Which is why I keep looking for more books that seem to prove what he says about the lives of souls are true. I think my biggest proof that what he says has alot of logical valid basis is in day to day living. Just observing myself and others...and our behavior actions and patterns and the common themes that remain throughout an individuals life, yet vary across different individuals ...show me there is something more to it than random chance." Readers couldn’t get enough, their appetites about life between lives whetted but not quenched by perhaps the first documented use of hypnotherapy to explore life behind the veil. Dr. Newton, who has developed techniques to take clients so deeply with hynosis that life between lives can be recalled, responded to calls by readers for more information by releasing a follow-up book from his numerous sessions with souls of varying maturity. Destiny of Souls is a book by Dr. Michael Newton (9 December 1931 – 22 September 2016), published in 2000. Newton was a hypnotherapist who developed his own age regression technique.

Such deductions may be comforting as well as enlightening since they coincide with laws of physics, thereby lending fascinating possibilities to human transformative potential. We learn about cluster groups, the spiritual learning centre. the life books library, and much agout the colour spectrum of spiritual auras. The primary core colours indicate the stage of overall development, but "certain souls carry secondary colours .... called halo colours". Michael Newton: I began almost 40 years ago now as a traditional psychotherapist, but I was not a religious or spiritual person. In fact, I was an atheist. All these years of working with people who have explained to me what the other side is like have given me a real spiritual feeling. Why do so many people with so much talent and skill find themselves in circumstances with little opportunity to use those special abilities to make this a better world...Why do not the spirits not work along side us for the greater good rather then allow us to become so discouraged and allow others of greed and cruelty to continue to dominate and decimate our planet?For example, it is firmly stressed that evil does not exsist, as a result there is no consequence of accountability for sufferings caused upon another. Love and forgiveness are the eternal qualities we strive to acquire. As we learn the operational style of the afterlife home, we would observe many seemingly contradictory social structure differences from the physical reality to the afterlife haven of love. Why is punishment so required in the physical life, while denounced in the metaphysical life? Not that I would desire to live in a world of rampont criminality without consequences. Although, I see accountability as a deterent to commiting offences against each other, it almost would appear to me that (evil) sufferings are a necessity of occurence to operate the afterlife ascention program. As much as amnesia also is necessary to prevent us from avoiding committing wrongs to others, a deliberate effort designed to cause the exsistence and continuence of ( evil). After my last life, my group organized one hell of a party with music, wine, dancing, and singing. They arranged everything to look like a classical Roman festival with marble halls, togas, and all the exotic furnishings prevalent in our many lives together in the ancient world. Melissa (a primary soulmate) was waiting for me right up front, re-creating the age that I remember her best and looking as radiant as ever. I don’t want to give the impression that the average client has had this experience. Average clients have only incarnated on earth. Once in a while, though, I’ll get a client who has had just what we’re talking about. They have been on a world that is no longer habitable, which is another reason why they are finishing up on Earth. They are what I refer to as the hybrid soul. Newton: It’s very important that we not be rigid in our approach to things, to always be open to change, that’s a very good point. They sense it more than they see it. It’s a more powerful energy source. It’s a feeling. They have a feeling that it’s a collective, that it’s a group and not a single individual. So perhaps it would be more fair to see it as a step or two above their council members, and who knows how much further up the ladder we need to go until we get to the Ultimate Source. Of course, I can’t answer that question. This is as far as I can get, because I’m working with people who are still incarnated — and they only know so much.

I was hoping to find satisfactory answers to some questions that all my life have caused me much heartache despite all my readings still do not make sense even in the big picture and continue to go unanswered: Great book. Very enlightening, though not as good as his first, Journey of Souls. " — Paul, 7/25/2012 For teaching progressive/evolvement purposes unless prior reconciled, abuses inflicted are likewise experienced. These are presented in a form of case studies and Newton asserts that they uncover the hidden aspects of the spirit world.

The destiny of the soul – Hinduism

Having studied the afterlife for many years, along with having personal afterlife experiences of my own. I know of a certainty that this afterlife journey is very real. There are many versions of the afterlife experience, a reality which might only cause confusion to those who believe in a one God creator concept. Although I do believe firmy in this afterlife exsistance, I puzzel over the design and operation of this afterlife reality as it is a continuence of the physical reality. Newton: I think it’s important to note that I have to wait quite a while between clients who are that advanced to be able to talk about that. My average client gives me a lot of information about the spiritual world, but it’s only the very advanced people who can talk about some of the things we have just talked about. Everyone sees the presence, but in terms of origins and sources, that comes best from those who are very advanced, who are nearing the end of their incarnations and getting ready to be teachers themselves. So it’s a question of taking thousands of clients over all these many years and collating those who have spoken about the element of the Source and the consistency of their reports, which is incredible to me. Childhood would seem waste of time rather then starting at a mature age or where one left off from their last incarnation. Children being more prone to engage in abuse (...and further bad karma) cause unnecessary suffering, especially toward the defenseless such as animals? In scientific terms; Matter and energy never lost but transformed ...“having continually evolving integrative emergent qualities”. I have a dreaming question for you. In Destiny of Souls, you talk about how some souls who have left their bodies are able to meld and actually place themselves into the dreams of loved ones who may be grieving their loss. I’m curious if you think people who are adept at lucid dreaming now might be ones who are able to do advanced dreamwork in their life between lives?

Her journey in complimentary healing and alternate methodologies began in the mid 1990s. She includes in her sessions her learnings from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystal healing, Shamanic healing methods, Cell Regeneration, Gastric Mind Banding, Organisational Constellation, Yoga & Pranayam, Zibu symbols, Hooponopono and other allied methods and techniques. And why would a compassionate creator allow a natural system of carnivores/predators causing so much ongoing stress, fear and suffering in the animal kingdom? Ok, upon first impression, I thoght Newton's work appeared too "new agey" and should be easily dismissed. I mean c'mon, case studies of life between lives in the spirit world? Sounds a little much. But after reading all three of Newton's books I am impressed with the years of research he devoted to his work.

The destiny of the karmic flame – Buddhism

She certified as a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist from the Michael Newton Institute USA in 2016 and represents the organisation in the Middle East. Indrani stepped in as Acting Director of Public Engagement for MNI in 2021.

Earth is not a permanent place. There’s going to come a time when we’re going to have to move to some other place, yes. Then we have an Immortal memory, which comes through the subconscious mind. This is also greatly influenced by our body, its our past-life memories and things that flash in our minds even without hypnosis. We’re meditating or driving along on a lonely highway and looking at the white line in front of us, and suddenly, we’re in kind of a shallow alpha state and something pops into our psyche that tells us a little bit about ourselves. MICHAEL NEWTON, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Counseling Association. He is considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about our life in the spirit world, first reported in his best-selling book Journey of Souls (1994), which has been translated into ten languages. Michael Newton is a historian, amateur astronomer, and world traveler. Related Books

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In the modern West, reincarnation has a positive flavour as a desirable alternative to the traditional Western afterlife. But the Indian traditions all agree it is the ultimate horror — their aim is to escape from it. So far so good...very on par with the information and experiences I have encountered with those who have passed. As they move further away from Earth, souls experience an increasingly brilliant light around them. Some will briefly see a grayish darkness and will sense passing through a tunnel or portal. The differences between these two phenomena depends upon the exit speed of the soul, which in turn relates to their experience. The pulling sensation from our guides may be gentle or forceful depending upon the soul's maturity and capacity for rapid change. In the early stages of their exit, all souls encounter a "wispy cloudiness" around them that soon becomes clear, enabling them to look off into a vast distance. This is the moment when the average soul sees a ghostly form of energy coming toward them. This figure may be a loving soulmate or two, but more often than not it is our guide. A few facts helped me trust Newton's work. First of all he's not a half-baked floaty new-age hippie. He is old school. He hypnotised his first subject in 1947. He grew up an athiest...believed in no higher power, no God, no divine intelligence...nothing. While working with a client, he accidentally stumbled upon their memories of life in the spirit world. At first he was skeptical, but after more sessions with different clients he discovered that other people possess these memories as well. Overall, Newton has worked with more than 7,000 clients, and ALL of them report similar descriptions of life in the spirit world. Solid State…which we know well. Humane similarities in liquid state: Potential to let go, and just flow...exampfied by the wise elder who fell into a raging river

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