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Games Workshop - Age Of Sigmar:Battleforce - Soulbright Gravelords: Revenant Legion

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The Era of the Beast has created new challenges for those cursed by the blood kiss, for the outpouring of predatory Ghurish energy has only aggravated the rapacious nature of the vampires. Many have given themselves fully over to the bloodlust, satiating their basest desires in orgies of blood and battle. Not all vampires are direct descendants from the two Mortarchs. Legend says that Belladamma Volga bargained with the undead godbeast Hrunspuul receiving from him her powers (and curse) reflecting the most sacred of the animal-spirits she venerated: the wolf. It is so that the Vyrkos Dynasty was born and why they hold so dear the wolf as their symbol. Expand the Grave-empires is extremely battleplan situational, and needs you to hold two or more objectives wholly outside of your territory and have them also be contested by summonable or vampire units. If the situation comes up this can be a gimme, but there will be games where it’s literally impossible. The warlord Prince Vhordrai rules the Kastelai dynasty from the Crimson Keep . This phantasmal citadel manifests across the realms, disgorging banners of scarlet-armoured Blood Knights into the night. Fittingly for the Era of the Beast, the two other bloodlines find themselves empowered by the bestial energy of Ghur – the Avengorii and the Vyrkos.

The above units are supplied with 1x 80mm round base, 5x 75x45.1mm oval bases, and 60 x 25 mm round bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. An unusual set here, all of the command traits target a specific unit type and apply an effect when your general is within 3” of that unit type. You will run into games where these will do nothing in an all-comers list, but the trade-off is that they all have a significant effect. It’s time to get a little bit spooky with the best valued box of the lot – the Ossiarch Bonereapers Praetorian Spearhead. This box by far has the largest discount of 41% average, on par with the 40K Battleforces. It has an eclectic mix of lots of infantry and big unit models, as well as cavalry – I can see this one being the most popular Sigmar box. Including a whole carnival of weird and wonderful technological enhancements, this immensely customisable box can be built in so many different ways that it would be almost impossible to list them all. Including some trusty Skitarii infantry led by a Tech-Priest Manipulus, there are four units with two build options each – Sicarians, Serberys cavalry, Ptreraxii jump infantry, and a choice of either an Ironstrider Ballistarius or a Sydonian Dragoon. The possibilities are endless. Outside of the two legions directly controlled by Mannfred (Night) and Neferata (Blood), there are many other dynasties that came to pre-eminence. Of those the most important are the Kastelai, the Avengorii and the Vyrkos.First up are the vampires of the Soulblight Gravelords, who lead a dolorous horde of brainless thralls in a bumper box which contains 66 miniatures. Hordes of Deadwalker Zombies are particularly useful for pinning down enemy forces while the Vengorian Lord and their Blood Knights swoop in for the jugular. To start with, he resurrected his most trusted generals (called Mortarchs): Mannfred, Neferata, Arkhan and Ushoran. While Ushoran ended up with a degenerate curse shared by his progeny, the Flesh-Eater Courts, Mannfred and Neferata created their own lineages by giving the blood kiss to their most trusted servants. I think a lot of the anger is coming off a string of pretty broken books, between Seraphon and Lumineth we’ve been spoiled for meta-defining books which reinvent the entire competitive scene and a course correction was bound to happen. We also don’t know what this might mean for third edition because the book is definitely written with that in mind. We’ll need to wait a few weeks for the full picture. Soulblight Gravelords monsters are divided in two categories: the heroes that are also monsters already discussed above, and Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist. The best version of those is actually… the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon that since he is a hero can take also command traits, artefacts, etc. Avengorii armies can buff monsters, but is not an extremely competitive subfaction, they are there mostly to have fun with big pieces on the battlefield. November 20th 2021 – Unlikely, it’s too soon and we know we still have Shadow Throne coming this year.

These rapacious elites fall into many dynasties, defined by the cursed blood running through their veins, each vying for power and status as Nagash recovers from his defeat by the Archmage Teclis . Of these, five stand prominent above the rest – Mannfred Von Carstein commands the Legion of Night, while Neferata sits at the head of the Legion of Blood, spinning plots and schemes.* On the other side, the Deadwalkers are much more synergistic. The Dire Wolves are excellent chaff unit (units that you can sacrifice and use to delay enemies from getting where they can hurt you or force them to act against that unit instead of others). For example, are you afraid of Unleash Hell? Charge a unit of Dire Wolves into the shooting unit and let them decide if they want to spend a command point to blast off the wolves or take the charge and stop their only charge to shoot a charging unit. If you were a Legions of Nagash player, then you should already have a good core of models for this army and be familiar with most of its rules. From the 2021 battletome there have been quite few changes, mostly simplified rules and standardised the army for AoS 3.0. The jury is out on the value of these as we haven’t seen the prices yet, but anything in the ballpark of last year makes these sets a steal.Let’s see what 2024 brings us this time next year – maybe a Mega-Gargants box, a Daemons one, or if I were a betting man, a Cities of Sigmar one to compliment this year’s new releases. Mannfred’s legion was generally considered the weakest of the original Legions of Nagash. Its powers weren’t generally that helpful and the attached warscroll battalion didn’t do it any favors either. The new Battletome attempts to retain the feel of the legion but steps it up by a lot. Ageless Cunning lets you pull a Stormcast Eternals and put half your army in reserve (though you can only outflank from the board edge, so it’s not exactly the same) and The Bait makes your chaff Deadwalkers and Deathrattle units slightly tougher with a +1 to save for the first turn. So put your strong stuff away where it can be protected from ranged fire, lure your foe in with some Skeleton Warriors and then drop the Vampires on them.

Prince Vhordrai is the leader of the Kastelai Dynasty and is also treated as a bonus general. He comes from the same kit as the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with which he has many commonalities. This does make me wonder where the long-rumoured GW (not Forgeworld) Horus Heresy box is going to fit in now? Probably in the new year?As you might have expected with the changes to other Death battletomes, this is now a 6+ ward without condition. Spell Lores Overwhelm your opponent with the explosive might of the Space Marines. This is a Battleforce that hits hard and fast thanks to a Storm Speeder and 29 Primaris Space Marines, including some fairly chunky Gravis-armoured battle brothers. Give the gift of Dakka this Christmas. This box contains a veritable tide of greenskins, with a whopping 20 Boyz, five Nobz, a swarm of Gretchin, a Big Mek, a Deffkilla Wartrike, and an Orky plane that can be built in four different ways. Necrons Battleforce: Worldscour Legion

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