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From here is the detail work. I use acrylic inks over the raised details on top and inside the barriers to add some visual interest and serve as the underlayer for anywhere I want hazard stripes. I then custom printed hazard stripes on decal paper and cut them to size since I’m lazy and didn’t feel like masking and airbrushing everything. They’ll go right on top of the ink and with some Micro Set will soften and conform to the part. You may need to use a knife to poke holes where the plastic overlaps a rivet hole. After the ink dries a layer of sepia wash tones things downs and blends it all in. For the mechanical bits in the pillars I applied some Dirty Down Verdigris and then applied some sepia wash to blend it in.

Use a BIG brush to stipple inconsistent patches of a mid-brown over the primer spray. You want to be as messy and inconsistent as possible, with some patches of brown being fairly solid, and others being pretty much just a drybrush. Pretty much any mid brown will be fine for this, although going as dark as Citadel Rhinox Hide would probably be fine. Personally I was using the big ol’ keg of Calthan Brown that came in the old Citadel Scenery Painting set. If you’re not sure about the brown you’re using, just do a small bit of scenery to completion and see how it all sits together. That leaves us with just one step left: Weathering. This is another spot I don’t want to spend a ton of time, so I take an old flared out brush or a piece of sponge and just dapple Typhus Corrosion all over the surface to give it lots of grime spots and dirt. I’ll smudge a few as well. Yeah, no problem. It would also improve their look as the bigger base size alone already makes them seem to be bigger compared to regular humans. They'd still look tiny compared to Primaris, Deathwatch and the new Chaos Marine models though. One thing to note here and the biggest pain about this is that I also paint in the recessed parts of the walkway. This is a big pain in the ass and a seemingly minor thing but it makes a huge difference when you look at the model on the table. Painting the sides of the recessed parts

Sector Mechanicus Terrain

Once that’s done the next step is to add variety of color to the innards of the platform. You can do this before you lay down the karak stone if you prefer, but I find it easier to touch that up if I slip. Here I usually get some of the pipes and make sure to get some kind of continuity of color on them using Balthasar Gold. The goal is just to add a splash of color variety, which goes a long way. Copper piping

Included are 2 65mm Round bases, 10 40mm Round bases and 40 32mm Round bases, along with 2 lights, 2 vent and 2 computer terminals to add to any base for extra detail. Most of the material I use is intentionally inexpensive and designed for large applications. This process would work very well for batch painting, and that actually might be beneficial if you want everything to look consistent. Using custom mixed oil washes and sponging parts can lead to slight variations in tone and appearance depending on how consistent you are between batches, but to be honest it’s not that big of a deal and things aren’t supposed to look perfect anyway. Ingredients Commonly accepted is put your models on the bases they came delivered with or the bases the latest version uses (so 25mm or 32mm both would be fine for you)Doing the rusty recess shade will definitely add time to the process, but you could probably skip it if you find a primer spray that’s a perfect rusty colour. I found the Laser Cut Brown a little too reddish to be left unadulterated. Phase Two: a Pop of Colour, and a Dash of Actual Finger Painting Incidentally, I rebased all my previous edition models to 32mm to make them consistent with any new models I might buy and because I thought they looked better. I'm quite happy with the decision, in particular with the metal raptors I have, as it allowed me to put metal washers under their bases which has made them much less tippy. Yellow traditionally needs a few layers, and these things are large. Given the slightly rusty and oily look of the metal, I didn’t want the panels to look too pristine, which they would do with just a flat coat of paint. Edge drybrush everything with a light silver. I used Citadel Necron Compound, but I think Vallejo Air Steel would also work well. Sector Mechanicus terrain: the end of the grungy metal stage. Credit: Charlie Brassley Using those clips on either end of a walkway lets you suspend between it two other terrain pieces. If you really want to cover more ground, combining two long walkways is an excellent choice. Sector Mechanicus. Credit: Fowler

There is no rule officially. You could theoretically put a Gretchin on a Knight base and a Knight on a Gretchin base. You probably don’t need 3 clips AND a railing to support a long clipped walkway, but you also really don’t want it to fail! Use your best judgment. Painting Sector Mechanicus Drybrush a dark metallic over the whole thing. I used Army Painter gunmetal, but I’m sure Citadel Leadbelcher would be fine too.

The Sector Mechanicus terrain first debuted in 2017 in the Shadow War: Armageddon boxed game, which came with a staggeringly generous assortment of terrain for playing with the two kill teams included in the box, Space Marine Scouts and Ork Boyz. The Sector Mechanicus terrain is fantastic for Necromunda and Kill Team, where its raised walkways and towering metal struts make for great cover and vertical battlefields. It’s also frequently used for games of Warhammer 40,000, where it’s a bit less useful thanks to not quite working with the game’s all-or-nothing visibility rules for terrain, but with the right setups can be a great addition to the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Bigger is usually more accepted than smaller, though imo bigger can give you just as much as an advantage or disadvantage as smaller in this edition so I wouldn't really count on that There are multiple planes to these since the detail is cut into the base itself to give it that three-dimensional feel. Looks like this is a good thing since they are working within the limitations of the material and making sure the detail doesn’t appear flat. Similar question regarding Necron & Dark Eldar models - they come with 25mm bases, but could you legally put them on 32mm bases? With the imminent release of Ash Wastes, I decided to finally build and paint up all of the Sector Mechanicus kits I have been buying up over the past few years. The scheme I’ve got here can be toned waaaaay down if you want to turn it into a speedpaint as well. The basic gist of it is red platforms and bone-colors supports. Sector Mechanicus. Credit: Fowler

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