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The Ask and the Answer: 2/3 (Chaos Walking)

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I liked how this was much darker than book 1 and some of the scenes were graphic so beware, I don’t think it is a suitable book for younger children. I discovered lately that I really love darker reads just because they are more realistic, the real world is not sunshine and flowers!

If you are still not sure then remember our ‘5 minute pledge’ that if you call and pay using your credit or debit card and you are not happy with your choice of reader or reading then if you hang up in the first 5 minutes then you will not be charged. The characters in Chaos Walking are some of the best I've ever read. Every character--from Todd and Viola even down to the horses they ride--is powerful and flawed and full of meaning. Todd, Viola, the Mayor are the major players, but there are no minor players. Everyone is important. Many times I'll describe a book as "character driven" or "plot driven." These books are both--enduring characters living through a powerful story.

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As for the romance between Viola and Todd... Well, I can't say that I love it. It totally makes sense that they are clinging to each other and all that, but their relationship is just unhealthy. And also quite cheesy, but let's focus on the unhealthy part. They made some awful decisions because of one another, and I was sitting there wanting to shake them because it was so frustrating. But in a great way, because it provoked emotion from me. I mean, I get that they're very young, and they have no one else on this bloody planet, but STILL. I want them to just end up being best friends, if they both survive to the end of the series, because I think a strong platonic relationship usually works better. For me, anyway. Except...holy moly, unexpected friendships (one of the best parts of this books… so beautiful and nearly moved me, no-soul-Jo, to tears) and unlikely alliances! Captain Hammar," the Mayor says and Viola's plunged into the water again, unable to not scream out in fright as down she goes. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. ( June 2010) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) One of the most common subjects brought up during telephone readings are matters of the heart. A love reading is a powerful route to find the answers you seek. Phone readings allow our readers to impart their wisdom to guide you on the right path to take.

Ready to give it a try? I'm not going to recap the synopsis, you can read that anywhere. Here's what you need to know from me that you can't get anywhere else: Otra gran cuestión es la división de sexos. Es algo que ya teníamos desde el otro libro pero aquí se refuerza bastante, lo fácil que es dividirnos por el simple hecho de ser hombres o mujeres. Y como nuestras diferencias la gran mayoría del tiempo si juegan en nuestra contra. The explored themes of colonization, war, gender divides, power, coming-of-age and the good/bad binary, which all ensured this a book where you got to learn whilst you read and where you got to know yourself and your stance on these issues, too. it's just gorgeous. i hate the things that happen to todd throughout, as he struggles to balance his humanity while giving up portions of it just to stay alive. and although viola's situation seems less dangerous on the surface, it is only more adroitly manipulated, and so her ultimate realization/betrayal is even more powerful for it. After chapter 16 I found it very hard to stop listening. The story got very intense and every time I thought everything was going to be alright, something would happen to change that. The book is filled with lots of surprises.

The whole plot seemed rather exaggerated and abstract. Some concepts (the ask and the answer) were too vague for me to be a source of excitement rather than detached confusion. I get that you need to set yourself apart from all the other dystopian novels out there. It's hard to create something that's still gonna hit it home for your target group if they've been overstimulated for years. Going bat shit crazy on a plot is not going to help with that, though. Later books include A Monster Calls (2011), based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd, which won the Carnegie Medal in 2012 and was adapted into a film, with a screenplay by Ness, in 2016; More Than This (2013), The Rest of Us Just Live Here (2015), and Release (2018), all shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal; and a novel for adults, The Crane Wife (2014).

Todd and Viola regroup and decide to make a desperate attempt to stop the Mayor. They recruit a small group of disgruntled soldiers (enticing them with promises of the Cure) and go to find the Mayor. However, they soon discover the Cure is all gone, somehow destroyed by the Mayor. They find Mayor Prentiss, but he has learned to use his Noise as a weapon, and he takes out the soldiers who were helping Todd. On the audiobook experience, I liked (as before) the personality Podehl gives to Todd’s voice, though moments when he yells “nooooooo!!” remind me, unfortunately, of Adam Sandler’s “they’re all gonna laugh at you!” skit. Angela Dawe does a decent but unremarkable job as Viola. We can fight," Davy says. "We proved that. And instead you got us babysitting animals that are already beat." Las acciones de nuestros protagonistas, Todd y Viola, se ven influenciadas no solo por sus propias convicciones si no por la situación en general, dándonos cuenta que realmente no puedes describir a alguien con las palabras “buena persona” o “mala persona” y que el resto de la gente y el ambiente en el que vivimos toman gran parte en nuestra toma de decisiones y nos llevan a traicionarnos a nosotros mismo la gran mayoría de las veces. All issues are interesting, but I find myself surprisingly uninterested in them, mainly because in this book I am strangely detached from Todd and Viola. In these tough circumstances they are nothing more than naive petulant children used as pawns in various evil plans. They are described as so strongly attached that they are willing to do almost anything for one another and yet they are so easily led to mistrust each other.This mistrust constantly gets them and people around them in trouble, it's painful to read. I think pretty much in this book you simply can't find even one likable person. Todd is the one I dislike the most at this point. No matter how hard the author tries to make us believe that Todd still holds on to his innocence and thus is better than everybody else, it's pretty hard to swallow when you know what Todd has done for no good reason other than his dear girlfriend left him.

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I imagine Viola, reluctant healer, the worst in fact, bumbling around; Todd working, slaving away. And I imagine their growing closeness despite everything that’s going on around them; despite the forced physical distance between them. In addition, there are the same plot holes as in the first book. I still don't understand the "specialness" of Todd, there is still a lot of build-up and allusions to various secrets that end up being not that interesting or important. The other main benefit of having telephone readings is that it means you can connect with quality psychics who are based all around the world, not just close to your house! ARGH I can’t even begin to fathom this subject. But… Ness is the master at making you question everything you’ve ever believed in. EVER. OK, maybe not. But…. The lines are blurred, man. They are blurred. Of course I'd be so proud if I was able to say that I'd do the right thing whatever it takes, and I want to think I'd do it. Really. Of course there are situations where what to do is obvious because one of the possibilities is utterly bad. But sometimes - sometimes there's no such thing as a right choice.

If the first one is a fast-paced chase kind of story, which keeps you hooked by gradual revelation of the New World's mysteries of Noise, Haven, Viola's origin, etc., this book is basically an account of a civil war between Mayor Prentiss's army and the resistance called here the Answer. The book raises various issues of genocide, war ethics, torture, and holding onto one's identity under pressure. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first. I was more invested in Todd and Viola's characters, and accustomed to the writing style so I could fully focus on the story. Yay for second books!

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But I am not imagining how upset I am at the turn of events. I really do choke up a bit at where the two end up. And I’m left feeling so many, many things: angry, sad, confused, a bit more sad, and whole lot more angry. No sophomore slump here. None. It’s so difficult to write about this series without spoiling it and I really don’t want to do that because if you haven’t read it before- it’s amazing reading it and being permanently on edge because you really don’t know what is coming when Ness is behind the wheel. But Viola’s perspective was brilliant and I’m glad she no longer had to be supporting role. AVAST, YE SCURVY DOGS, THAR WILL BE SPOILERS! Yaaarrr! I don't know why I hate the Global Spoiler Warning, I just do. If we had the option to dance a spoiler hornpipe instead, I would take it. I encourage you to imagine me leaping about piratically for a few moments. SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS, yo HO!

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