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Snake Plant Sansevieria Laurentii 55-65cm Tall in a 17cm Pot Indoor Plants

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The snake plant’s full name is dracaena trifasciata, but it was known as sansevieria trifasciata for a very long time until 2017. So although it was realigned to the dracaena genus, you will most often see and hear it grouped with the sansevieria genus. Has your snake plant grown too tall? With long, gorgeous, wavy, bright green leaves and the ability to soak toxins from the air, the succulent is, indeed, a great addition to your home interior! Ideally, a snake plant must be 1 to 3 ft. tall when kept indoors, but sometimes, with your love and care, the plant reaches around 8 to 10 ft. and becomes untameable! No doubt, watching your beloved plant grow so well gives a good feeling, but have you ever thought about how you will manage to take care of such a big plant, especially if you have less-spacious premises? If you are in the same dilemma, you have come to the right place! Let’s find out all the best practices that can help keep your precious house plant in its ideal shape and length. Pruning does put a snake plant under stress, so if your snake plant is in poor health, it is better to improve general care measures first, encourage some new healthy growth, and then prune your snake plant, to promote rapid recovery. Why Should You Prune Your Snake Plant? Watch out for brown leaf tips: Browned leaf tips can mean several things, including improper watering, sunburn, or exposure to cold temperatures. While snake plant care is relatively easy, you must still make necessary tweaks in their environment to keep them healthy. This variety comes from Kenya, it has a trunk-like shape and upturned dark green to light green leaves up to 8-12 inches tall. It forms runners with many offsets. 29. Sansevieria liberica

This variety resembles Sansevieria Cylindrica and is frequently confused with Sansevieria Canaliculata or Sansevieria Fernwood. Besides, I have seen a zillion snake plants in nurseries, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one labeled “dracaena.” Plant people are a stubborn lot, aren’t we? Both the pros and the hobbyists. Where is this plant from? Yes, viper's bowstring is a snake plant variety, in fact, it's just another name for Saint George's sword. Unlike the bird's nest plant, this is not just a snake variety look-a-like, but the real deal.Cylinder snake plant. The Sansevieria cylindrica has round leaves that can grow several feet in length. The leaves from this plant reach outward to resemble a crown. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons people include snake plants in their decor is that they’re low maintenance, requiring little attention to grow. They’re resilient, hardy plants and can survive in relatively dry environments, both indoors and out.

There are numerous types of snake plants, many of which are cultivars of the Sansevieria trifasciata variety. The white snake plant, Bantel's Sensation, is one of the more well known cultivars. But at Gardeners Dream, we have chosen some more unusual varieties to feature alongside the classic snake plant. Let’s talk about those tall, dark, and handsome snake plants. These beauties grow up to six feet tall, so giving them a pot that can handle their size and style is essential. This stemless perennial displays sword-shaped succulent foliage patterned in creamy-white wave-like horizontal streaks across the surface. Give it plenty of dappled light for the best growth. 6. Sansevieria Alva reddit Their leaves contain saponins, which are poisonous substances, in large quantities. Saponins are commonly part of many diuretic, choleretic, and laxative drugs.But hey, don’t let me influence your style choices- find a pot that suits you and your plant. Best Pots for Small Snake Plants Use an all-purpose, organic fertilizer made specifically for house plants, available at most gardening stores and online. Fertilizing helps give your snake plant the extra love and boost it needs.

Maintain the plant: After potting up your snake plant, make sure to keep it in a well-lit area and only water it when the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch. You can also fertilize it once every few months to promote healthy growth.No plant can grow once its roots run out of room in the pot. Although some online sources claim that Sansevierias like to be root bound, what they really mean is that smaller pots make it easier to avoid overwatering. Unfortunately, keeping your plant cramped will also limit its size. A Snake Plant that is already tall will likely adjust fine to a shady spot: Snake Plants are hardy and highly adaptable to changes in scenery! But, if you’re starting with a small or young Snake Plant and hoping to grow it to great heights without four to six hours of direct sunlight daily, you’re in for a long (potentially unsuccessful) endeavor. Sunlight is key to Snake Plant’s vertical growth.

While it’s best to avoid watering the leaves, ensure the cleanliness of your plant. Take the time to rub the top of your plant’s leaves using a soft cloth. As you wipe off accumulated dirt and dust, you help reveal the plant’s healthy shine. Clean leaves also help the plant absorb more light. Use Fertilizer Although their pace may be slow, Snake Plants require little prodding to maintain healthy growth. These are steps you can take to help your Snake Plant reach its full vertical potential:

Snake plants can grow to an impressive height of well over 4 feet tall if you let them, and the plant will spread outwards as new leaves sprout up from the rhizome below the soil. At some point, you may have to tidy things up, and it’s important to know how to prune a snake plant correctly, to keep your plant in good health and looking well. Note: In case you don’t have a bright enough spot or you want to encourage growth during winter, artificial lighting from grow lamps can be beneficial.

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