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Villainous BSoD: Completely breaks down at the end of the first season, leading to him impulsively shaving his head in front of a mirror while crying and cursing at himself. The Cynic: She seems to be the most experienced member of the Seven alongside Homelander, and is accordingly very jaded and often unfriendly. Weaksauce Weakness: His gills. Getting "gill-punched" by A-Train once is enough for Deep to double over in pain.

Heroic Sacrifice: Subverted. She jumps in front of Soldier Boy's blast to save the Boys and company from it, but in the end, she survives, though powerless and badly injured from it and her fight with Homelander. Ignored Epiphany: As noted under Freudian Excuse, his hallucinatory vision quest does lead to him recognizing his predatory behaviour towards women and the roots of its cause. His attempts to actually cease this behaviour only goes as far as trying to boost his own self-esteem however, as the remainder of the season proves he's still as self-centered and narcissistic as he was when he started. The Atoner: Somewhat, as he follows The Boys after the events at Sage Grove and willingly holds himself at their mercy after they discuss their past encounter from years ago. He voices regret in what he did that night and personally kept the existence of The Boys from Vought. Queen Maeve's sexual orientation in the show has been revealed to be bisexual. She has a girlfriend called Elena and previously dated Homelander, and had sex with Butcher. In " Nothing Like It in the World", Homelander outs Maeve as lesbian, but, in " We Gotta Go Now", Elena finally made it clear that Maeve is bisexual. World's Strongest Woman: Appears to be the physically strongest female supe, as demonstrated by her dismantling Stormfront in their brief 1 v 1 after Stormfront had just wiped the floor with the Boys, Kimiko, and Starlight at the same time. She can also outmuscle Noir, who's been an Implacable Man in the first two seasons. She even manages to overwhelm Homelander himself in hand-to-hand combat.Byronic Heroine: An alcoholic, cynical, broken woman who started as a huge idealist in her past, only to get trapped by the corruption of the Seven and Vought and her inner desire to do good but at the risk of her beloved ones.

Maeve goes to MM's house. She tells Annie where she was this whole time. She admits that her #FreeMaeve campaign is what saved her in the end.


Amicable Exes: Him and Annie used to date, but they're still on pretty good terms. So much so he's willing to be part of the Seven even after Annie tells him what they're really like, solely so Annie will have at least one friendly face to look to.

Retired Monster: He's mentioned to have retired shortly before the start of the series and he murdered Grace Mallory's grandchildren. As it turns out, killing Mallory's grandchildren was Murder by Mistake on his part and he's truly haunted by it. That being said, he still doesn't regret his hedonism during his Supe career. In the comics, Drummer Boy and Starlight are actually still together at the start (or at least, that's what Starlight thinks), only to permanently split on bad terms after Starlight catches him having sex with a fellow member of the Young Americans. In the show, Supersonic and Annie broke up long ago, and they're on genuinely friendly terms. The Smurfette Principle: She used to be the only woman in the Seven before Starlight and Stormfront joined the team.Dies Differently in Adaptation: He burns himself alive in the conference room. In the comics, he was killed by Mallory as revenge for killing his grandchildren, only to be partially reanimated by the Compound V in his system. Expy: Of Aquaman, being a water based hero that can communicate telepathically with sea life, who is also regarded as somewhat useless (alluding to the long disused meme of Aquaman's extreme situational prowess).

Disposable Woman: A Rare Male Example. He exists solely to give some further insight into Annie's past, becomes a major blow to her current boyfriend Hughie's self-esteem, then gets brutally Killed Offscreen by Homelander to show that Homelander isn't playing around anymore. Homelander even shows Annie his horrifically disfigured corpse to intimidate her. Heart Is an Awesome Power: While in general, his powers are extremely situational, his ability to talk to all marine life actually has its uses in intelligence gathering to the point where he dismisses Vought's entire intelligence section once he takes command of it because he makes them completely redundant. His ability to breathe underwater and swim to any depths also allow him to recover stuff from the sea that would otherwise be unrecoverable, such as Translucent's remains or a camera containing the footage of the Flight 37 incident. She has sex with Butcher in Season 3 after drinking with him and realizing he's a person who hates Supes, Homelander, and themselves even more than she does.

Mr. Marathon

Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Dominique McElligot's natural Irish accent can be heard peeking through on a few occasions. Artistic License – Biology: Even if he can turn his skin into carbon-based materials, that just means he's resistant against piercing weapons–it should not protect him from blunt-force trauma. Getting hit by Billy's car should've given him an extreme concussion at best. Ironically Averted with Translucent, who despite being a raging pervert who abuses his powers for sexual reasons, actually has a fairly good life outside of heroism, including a loving son. Horrible Judge of Character: Trusts A-Train with the plan, believing that the disgraced speedster may be willing to make a Heel–Face Turn. Instead, A-Train rats him out to Homelander, leading to his death.

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