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Total Sweet 100% Natural Xylitol, 1kg

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EFSA pannel (June 2011). "Scientific opinion on the substantiation of health claims related to sugar-free chewing gum sweetened with xylitol and plaque acid neutralisation (ID 485), maintenance of tooth mineralisation (ID 486, 562, 1181), reduction of dental plaque (ID 485, 3085)". EFSA Journal. 9 (6): 2266. doi: 10.2903/j.efsa.2011.2266.

Sugar-free products in general are very popular and there are a range of different sweetening agents that can be used in them in place of sugar, although xylitol is by far the most common of them. Before opting for foods sweetened with sugar alcohols such as xylitol, diabetics should discuss the usefulness of these polyols with their GP/diabetes specialist as some of these products may contain other ingredients which may not be suitable for a diabetes-based diet Safety a b Salli, Krista; Lehtinen, Markus J.; Tiihonen, Kirsti; Ouwehand, Arthur C. (6 August 2019). "Xylitol's health benefits beyond dental health: A comprehensive review". Nutrients. 11 (8): 1813. doi: 10.3390/nu11081813. ISSN 2072-6643. PMC 6723878. PMID 31390800. Chewing gums containing xylitol and sorbitol may affect caries development. [27] Xylitol-containing chewing gums displayed anticariogenic properties in all protocols, but it was unclear whether this effect was due to increased saliva flow. [27] A Cochrane review suggested a positive anticariogenic effect of xylitol-containing fluoride toothpastes when compared to fluoride-only toothpaste, but there was insufficient evidence to determine whether other xylitol-containing products can prevent caries in infants, children or adults. [28] Earache [ edit ]Most dog owners are at least peripherally aware that xylitol can be dangerous for dogs, but not all dog owners know exactly how widely spread xylitol is, and the full range of products it can potentially be found in – and not all of them are what we would automatically think of as sweet foods, and some aren’t even actually food at all! Xylitol (sometimes called wood sugar or birch sugar) is a common sugar substitute that can be toxic to dogs. Even small amounts can be fatal. You can cook with Total Sweet Xylitol: replace sugar ‘one for one’ in your baking for less calorific cakes, biscuits and other treats. The reason xylitol poisoning in dogs is so serious is because it can cause low blood sugar levels, also known as hypoglycaemia, which can be fatal. This is due to the fact that the canine pancreas confuses it with real sugar, causing this organ to release more insulin, which then removes the real sugar from the body, meaning blood sugar levels will plummet. Xylitol can also cause liver failure, but veterinary experts are currently unsure as to exactly why this happens. How much xylitol is poisonous to dogs?

Lee, Young-Eun; Choi, Youn-Hee; Jeong, Seong-Hwa; Kim, Hee-Sook; Lee, Sung-Hee; Song, Keun-Bae (16 December 2008). "Morphological changes in Streptococcus mutans after chewing gum containing xylitol for twelve months". Current Microbiology. 58 (4): 332–337. doi: 10.1007/s00284-008-9332-4. ISSN 0343-8651. PMID 19085034. S2CID 6520956. Berkowitz, R.J.; Turner, J.; Hughes, C. (1984). "Microbial characteristics of the human dental caries associated with prolonged bottle-feeding". Archives of Oral Biology. 29 (11): 949–951. doi: 10.1016/0003-9969(84)90097-9. ISSN 0003-9969. PMID 6596042. Obviously using sugar to achieve this sweet taste would completely negate the point of using such products, and as a result of this, artificial sweeteners are used in its place – and the most common of these is of course once again, xylitol. Primarily, the liver metabolizes absorbed xylitol. The main metabolic route in humans occurs in cytoplasm, via nonspecific NAD-dependent dehydrogenase (polyol dehydrogenase), which transforms xylitol to D-xylulose. Specific xylulokinase phosphorylates it to D-xylulose-5-phosphate. This then goes to pentose phosphate pathway for further processing. [20] Mäkinen, Kauko (20 October 2016). "Gastrointestinal disturbances associated with the consumption of sugar alcohols with special consideration of xylitol: Scientific review and instructions for dentists and other health-care professionals". International Journal of Dentistry. 2016: 5967907. doi: 10.1155/2016/5967907. PMC 5093271. PMID 27840639.

Xylitol is also found as an additive to saline solution for nasal irrigation and has been reported to be effective in improving symptoms of chronic sinusitis. [14]

Xylitol is a white odourless crystalline powder that has been used as a sweetening agent in food for over 40 years. Obviously lip gloss isn’t something that you’d use on your dog (or if it is, feel free to tell us more!) but dogs are notorious for chewing and destroying things when left unsupervised, including makeup – and things that smell or taste sweet will be particularly appealing to your dog, so keep them well out of their reach! Peanut butter The amount of xylitol dogs will react to depends on their size and how much they eat. For example, just one piece of gum could be life-threatening to a smaller dog, but this will depend on the xylitol content of the gum, which can be hugely variable, especially in sugar-free gum (from 1-90%). The substance occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables and is even produced by the human body during normal metabolism.

Sweeteners and health

Total Sweet Xylitol makes it easy to cut down on sugar: whether you want to lose weight or cut down on your sugar intake, Total Sweet Xylitol can help. Swapping your sugar for Xylitol lets you enjoy an indulgent cake, sprinkle of sweetness on your cereal, or cup of tea just how you like it with less calories and carbs. a b Assev, Synnöve; Rölla, Gunnar (15 August 2009). "Further Studies on the Growth Inhibition of Streptococcus Mutans OMZ 176 by Xylitol". Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica, Section B. 94B (1–6): 97–102. doi: 10.1111/j.1699-0463.1986.tb03026.x. PMID 3728029. Wrolstad, Ronald E. (2012). Food Carbohydrate Chemistry. John Wiley & Sons. p.176. ISBN 9780813826653 . Retrieved 20 October 2012– via Google Books. Xylitol is a very popular sugar substitute which is prized for its lower calorie content and low glycaemic index, and it’s also thought to be better for human dental health. With that being said, although xylitol is safe for humans to consume, sadly it can be highly poisonous to dogs. The Pet Poison Helpline received 5,846 calls about dogs accidentally ingesting this ingredient in 2020 alone. Forssten, Sofia D.; Björklund, Marika; Ouwehand, Arthur C. (2 March 2010). " Streptococcus mutans, caries, and simulation models". Nutrients. 2 (3): 290–298. doi: 10.3390/nu2030290. ISSN 2072-6643. PMC 3257652. PMID 22254021.

Weissman, Joshua D.; Fernandez, Francisca; Hwang, Peter H. (November 2011). "Xylitol nasal irrigation in the management of chronic rhinosinusitis: A pilot study". The Laryngoscope. 121 (11): 2468–2472. doi: 10.1002/lary.22176. ISSN 1531-4995. PMID 21994147. S2CID 36572019. If you suspect that your dog has eaten something containing xylitol, you need to get them to the vets straight away as it can be absorbed into the blood stream rapidly.Jain, H.; Mulay, S. (March 2014). "A review on different modes and methods for yielding a pentose sugar: Xylitol". International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. 65 (2): 135–143. doi: 10.3109/09637486.2013.845651. PMID 24160912. S2CID 39929588. EFSA panel (April 2011). "Scientific opinion on the substantiation of health claims related to the sugar replacers xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, lactitol, isomalt, erythritol, D-tagatose, isomaltulose, sucralose and polydextrose and maintenance of tooth mineralisation by decreasing tooth demineralisation, and reduction of post-prandial glycaemic responses". EFSA Journal. 9 (4): 2076. doi: 10.2903/j.efsa.2011.2076. or HO(CH 2)(CHOH) 3(CH 2)OH; specifically, one particular stereoisomer with that structural formula. It is a colorless or white crystalline solid that is freely soluble in water. It can be classified as a polyalcohol and a sugar alcohol, specifically an alditol. The name derives from Ancient Greek: ξύλον, xyl[on] 'wood', with the suffix -itol used to denote sugar alcohols. Xylitol is a type of artificial sugar substitute that is used in place of natural sugar in a wide variety of different types of products, and which is a very common ingredient in sugar-free goods in the UK.

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