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Alcyonarian fauna also changes significantly along the west Florida shelf. Antillogorgia acerosa, A. americana, and Pterogorgia anceps are part of a decimated West Indian assemblage that occurs some distance up the west coast of Florida ( Bayer, 1954). This group is merged with and then replaced by a distinctly temperate fauna dominated with Leptogorgia virgulata and L. setacea (both of which are referable, Bayer, 1952 to Verrill’s genus Eugorgia), and Muricea pendula ( Bayer, 1954). This assemblage matches that of the Carolina coast ( Bayer, 1954). The locations of these changes have not been identified, however, our study found distinct differences in gorgonian densities and sizes north and south of Tampa Bay. Yavetskiy, R. P. et al. Low-agglomerated yttria nanopowders via decomposition of sulfate-doped precursor with transient morphology. Journal of Rare Earths 32, 320–325, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1002-0721(14)60074-0 (2014). Racette, B. A. et al. Welding-related parkinsonism: Clinical-features, treatment, and pathophysiology. Neurology 56, 8–13 (2001). The morphology and quantitative chemical analysis of WF were studied on an electron-probe WDS-EDX combined microanalyzer JXA 8100 (JEOL, Japan) equipped with an energy dispersive spectrometer INCA X-Sight (Oxford Instruments, Great Britain). 3D-modeling

Coral was briefly mentioned by Anemone when she was describing the events leading up to Turtle's unveiling, saying, "It was only a little bitty spell, but Darkstalker totally freaked out and sent me home to kill my mother."Orlov, R. V., Strelyaeva, A. B. & Barikaeva, N. S. Evaluation of suspended particle PM10 and PM2.5 in atmospheric air of residential areas. Solar Energy 12, 39–41 (2013). While latitudinal variations in benthic habitats ( Walker, 2012), benthic communities ( Walker and Gilliam, 2013; Klug, 2015), and reef fish ( Fisco, 2016; Ames, 2017) support the definition of separate coral reef ecosystem ecoregions on the FRT, the WFS remains understudied and benthic marine community spatial differences have yet to be quantitatively investigated. Thus, the goal of this study was to map and investigate the WFS marine hardbottom north (Pasco and Pinellas counties) and south (Sarasota County) of Tampa Bay, FL to identify differences in benthic communities and the potential for ecoregion categorization. We identify latitudinal changes in the hardbottom community composition and where those changes occur. Our objectives were to (1) construct a benthic habitat map of approximately 1,200 km 2 of shallow-water seafloor north and south of Tampa Bay, (2) collect quantitative survey data to characterize hardbottom benthic communities across the map, and (3) investigate coastal benthic community spatial patterns in a biogeographic context. The outputs of this work provide the first detailed benthic habitat map of the area, a detailed survey of the composition of hardbottom benthic communities in the region, identify Tampa Bay as a coastal benthic biogeographic transition, and illustrate the influence of the BFZ on coastal communities. Materials and Methods Benthic Habitat Mapping All experiments took place in the Welding Department, School of Engineering, Far Eastern Federal University. The experiments were conducted in an isolated room with 60 m 2 floor space (7.5 m × 8 m), without natural or mechanical ventilation. Ibfelt, E., Bonde, J. P. & Hansen, J. Exposure to metal welding fume particles and risk for cardiovascular disease in Denmark: A prospective cohort study. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 67, 772–777, https://doi.org/10.1136/oem.2009.051086 (2010).

Hoet, P. H. M., Brüske-Hohlfeld, I. & Salata, O. V. Nanoparticles - Known and unknown health risks. Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2, https://doi.org/10.1186/1477-3155-2-12 (2004). Queen Coral said that Whirlpool was a wonderful teacher and that he would be a perfect king, although Anemone and Tsunami had different opinions. Whirlpool muttered that she could re-marry (most likely he meant that she could re-marry himself), after Moray stated that "no Gill means no more eggs" upon the news of Gill's death. Queen Coral was very proud of him for making the ink for her scrolls. Kirichenko, K. Y., Drozd, V. A., Chaika, V. V., Gridasov, A. V. & Golokhvast, K. S. In Samara Scientific Center RAS. 662−665 (2015). There were few significant differences in percent cover of biota between the North and South. Hardbottom veneered with sediment cover was higher in the north (N: 43.84%; S: 20.65%) (ANOVA, p = 0.009) and exposed Hardbottom cover was higher in the south (N: 19.27%; S: 39.53%) (ANOVA, p = 0.023). Brown Algae cover was significantly higher in the north (N: 10.97%; S: 2.25%) (ANOVA, p< 0.001) and Plume gorgonians (N: 0.24%; S: 3.30%) were significantly higher in the south (ANOVA, p = 0.013). County Blister was often seen playing with Coral's emotions and manipulating her decisions. Blister led Queen Coral to let her waste away Anemone's soul daily by allowing excessive animus magic use. At the end of the The Lost Heir, Blister coerced Queen Coral into imprisoning Tsunami. It is not known if Coral regretted these decisions, though it can be inferred that she did. She seemed relieved when Thorn was chosen to be queen, hinting that she may not have really liked Blister nor wanted her to be Queen. It is unknown why she formed an alliance with Blister in the first place.King Gill was Coral's husband, Coral described Gill as "the perfect king," and she wrote a scroll about why she chose him as her husband. She also said that King Gill had a way with words, as to persuade prisoners in the Sky Arena to lie down, and refuse to fight. They had an astonishing thirty-two sons and sixteen daughters. Gill was mentioned to adore his wife's scrolls. However, Coral could also be quite stubborn with her husband, as seen when she ignored Gill and cut him off when he started to say that having more dragonets might not be a good idea, and told him that they would have a daughter. She also did not seem to care when Gill was appalled that she would have his friend, Abalone, executed, despite the fact that it was not his fault that the eggs were smashed, and when he tried to pull away from her she simply gripped his talons tighter. [1] When Coral learned of his death, her voice sounded hollow. A small smile was shown on her face when recalling memories of him. [35] She referred to him as "My Gill" [36] and immediately dismissed her Council to grieve. [37] Moray [ ] Afterward, Glory wondered if Blister had promised the SeaWings anything, or if she had manipulated Coral into fighting for her. Tsunami thought of the other queens she had met, and took into note that Queen Coral preferred to have her tribe do their dirty work, unlike Blister and Burn. Queen Coral is especially paranoid about losing Anemone. Anemone spent the first year of her life with no independence, freedom, or connections to anyone except her mother. Coral seems unbothered by killing in front of her daughter, which could have been negatively impacting Anemone's mindset. Coral nearly got her a gag to match when Anemone tried to complain. However, they seem to love each other on some level. Queen Coral tries to protect her beloved daughter from what she considers "a dangerous world." Anemone does not show any forms of radical anger towards her mother until Talons of Power. At one point, Anemone calls her mother "crazy."

Vandenplas, O., Delwiche, J. P., Vanbilsen, M. L., Joly, J. & Roosels, D. Occupational asthma caused by aluminium welding. European Respiratory Journal 11, 1182–1184, https://doi.org/10.1183/09031936.98.11051182 (1998). Konarski, P., Iwanejko, I. & Ćwil, M. Core-shell morphology of welding fume micro- and nanoparticles. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction 70, 385–389, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0042-207X(02)00674-7 (2003).Zimmer, A. T. The influence of metallurgy on the formation of welding aerosols. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 4, 628–632, https://doi.org/10.1039/b202337g (2002). West Florida shelf benthic communities tolerate many local stressors that affect the distribution of marine species at various spatial and temporal scales and make corals more susceptible to paling, bleaching, and disease ( Dupont and Coy, 2008; Anderson, 2009; Asis et al., 2017). A few of the common stressors are water temperature, hurricane and storm surges, river discharge, and harmful algal blooms (HABs). Berlinger, B., Ellingsen, D. G., Náray, M., Záray, G. & Thomassen, Y. A study of the bio-accessibility of welding fumes. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 10, 1448–1453, https://doi.org/10.1039/b806631k (2008). Queen Coral then told the two princesses what she did to have Anemone's egg hatch, how she had to leave the Kingdom to King Gill and why he was lost to the war. But then, Tsunami suddenly realized that the cave her friends were in might be flooded from the rain. She goes off with the egg in a harness and Queen Coral was not seen again until after Tsunami freed her friends and goes to sleep in a high, dry cave with them and Sunny protecting the egg. Then they realized that Blister was there, and Blister told Queen Coral where the dragonets were. At breakfast, Tsunami loudly told Queen Coral how her friends were treated, and Queen Coral seemed surprised, but also seemed to secretly be grinding her teeth as well. She sent Lagoon and Shark to the dungeons temporarily as punishment. Later at breakfast, she told Blister about finding Kestrel's body (although she still does not know who the SkyWing was) and Sunny recognized the description as Kestrel, blurting "That sounds like Kestrel!" and forcing Tsunami to uncover what she knew. Coral asked Tsunami why she did not tell her, and Blister "covered" for her, presumably to gain Tsunami and the rest of the dragonets' trust.

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