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Transformers Autobot Tailgate Action Figure

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Featuring art by Rubski. Language: English Words: 2,447 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 67 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 533

As with all R.E.D. toys, Arcee was a Walmart exclusive in Canada and the United States, and was later made available on Hasbro Pulse in limited quantities.Tailgate eventually found himself in what appeared to be the Afterspark and proceeded to wait for Cyclonus to find him. Cyclonus lived up to his expectations after he and the rest of Team Rodimus found themselves in the same place. MetastasisTailgate and Cyclonus swapped stories of what had happened to them after their parting. Tailgate awoke in this place depowered and with only a vague memory of his last moments underground. When Cyclonus told Tailgate that he hadn't died on Skip but rather when Tailgate told him to leave, the minibot declared that the two would now have a new deal: they were never to separate again. The God War But when it was revealed that the planet Team Rodimus had found themselves on wasn't the Afterspark, but a telepathic euthanasia clinic the bots realized it was likely that Tailgate was really just another construct. After Rodimus and crew shut down the clinic's systems, Cyclonus declared his love for Tailgate. Tailgate embraced him and told him to protect him as the constructs faded. However, seemingly miraculously, Tailgate remained even after the clinic's systems had completely died. They didn't have much time to celebrate though, as they were immediately set upon by a group of sparkeaters that were former members of the Lost Light's crew! You Are Here Arcee fought off Starscream as he led Vehicon troops to the town of Jasper to collect Dark Energon from a nearby mine. She then teamed up with Bumblebee to stop Soundwave and more Vehicons from reaching an abandonned military base. She then helped Optimus Prime destroy whatever Vehicons managed to infiltrate the outpost on their way out. Upon Megatron's arrival to the battlefield, she aided Optimus Prime defend Autobot headquarters. In Fall of Cybertron multiplayer, Cliffjumper's one unique body part (his head) is usable by Infiltrator-class characters as an Eliminator-type component. Amusingly, while that head is designed to look very much like the one seen in Prime for both alignment reasons and to distinguish him further from Bumblebee, Hasbro released the War for Cybertron figure two years earlier sporting a very G1 head sculpt. Perhaps because reproduction does not seem to be a motivation for them to become romantically involved, or perhaps because finding a proper partner among their own kind is not always an easy task, more than one Transformer has made nice with an organic lifeform. However, virtually nothing is known about how the long-term cases worked out, what with physical differences such as size, lifespan and aging, and cultural differences - even without the constant influence of the war. Breakdown once expressed feelings for Airachnid. Stronger, Faster Looks like even Cybertronian love hurts too. Crossfire

An examination by Ratchet revealed that he had a terminal case of cybercrosis, and Tailgate elected to trust only Cyclonus with the news, though Cyclonus seemed almost disinterested in the tragic announcement. Tailgate went to Swerve's Bar to drink away his sorrows, oblivious to the massive portal that the Lost Light was about to travel through. When Luna 1 was discovered to lie on the other side of the portal, an evidently distressed Cyclonus made up for his behavior by inviting Tailgate onto the team who would explore the moon. He insisted it was just for the experience, with the caveat that despite Luna 1's reputation as a "Miracle Moon", Tailgate must not hope for a cure. The Fecund Moon Pirrello, Phil (July 22, 2009). "Transformers: The Complete Series DVD Review". IGN. IGN Entertainment . Retrieved February 23, 2013.Part of the fourth wave of Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class toys, Arcee is a redeco and extensive retool of Prime: Robots in Disguise Arcee, and comes with the massive spring-loaded " Echohawk Bow", which can fire its two missiles. It can be held via its two jointed 5mm handles, as well as attach to her front wheel in vehicle mode. Accessories: 2 Ion Blasters, 2 alternate hands, 2 Forearm Blades with slash effects, Dark Energon Crystal In the 3DS version of Rise of the Dark Spark, there are obvious hints at a relationship between Cliffjumper and Arcee. Cliffjumper refers to Arcee as, "Darling", and Hound flat out says to Arcee, "I see why Cliffjumper likes you, boss." Aktosage Fandoms: Transformers - All Media Types, Transformers Generation One, The Transformers (IDW Generation One), Transformers more

When Diver was singing, he attracted a lot of female frogs out of his expectation. Demolish the Superdreadnought Tank! Tailgate is a civilian seeking refuge in a political charged planet. Through this he finds comfort when meeting a high-ranking Decepticon who helps him through a harrowing experience. After meeting his end once again at the mercy of Galvatrons fusion canon, Starscream finds himself flown into the past. But can he change the future? Language: English Words: 36,545 Chapters: 15/? Comments: 84 Kudos: 152 Bookmarks: 32 Hits: 4,794Miller III, Randy (June 16, 2009). "Transformers: The Complete First Season (25th Anniversary Edition)". DVDtalk . Retrieved February 23, 2013. Everyone's going to have to fight their way into finding each other again, finding Epistemus and (hopefully) fixing all of the damage suddenly made across the multiverse. Series

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