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Rogue reflects the stereotype of a southern belle, a woman in the South who is beautiful, flirtatious, yet chaste. Allan, Scoot (2021-11-05). "The 10 Strongest Characters From X-Men Comics". CBR . Retrieved 2022-10-10. In 2021, CBR.com ranked Rogue 4th in their "10 Strongest Characters From X-Men Comics" list [187] and 6th in their "20 Strongest Female Superheroes" list. [188] If Rogue Touched Thanos, Would She Absorb Gauntlet Powers?". The Mary Sue. 2020-04-08 . Retrieved 2022-10-10. Wonder Man's Powers: Currently, Rogue seemingly still retains some of Wonder Man powers and abilities even though he has been released from her body, possibly permanently. Assuming a 1:1 comparison between their two power levels, she may possess the following:

During an invasion of aliens from another dimension, Rogue begged Sage to use her jump-starting powers to evolve Rogue to a point where she could control all of the various powers inside of her. Sage agreed, and Rogue became a one-woman army, able to use the powers of anyone she had absorbed in the past, exhibiting a multitude of powers at once. She later gained Sunfire's powers after absorbing them when he was dying, subsequent to his battle with Lady Deathstrike, who amputated both his legs. Superhuman Speed: She can presumably run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athletes.Soon afterwards, Britain declares war against Germany, and Hunter, now with his status restored, agrees to discuss with the Admiralty about a secret mission (heavily implied to be a second attempt on Hitler's life). In 2014, BuzzFeed ranked Rogue 5th in their "95 X-Men Members Ranked From Worst To Best" list. [172]

One day, a woman appeared in town claiming to be an anthropologist from Melbourne University. Rogue made it clear she could stay as long as she wanted, but to keep out of her way. The anthropologist approached Rogue with questions about some of the remains she had found in the town. Rogue said she didn't know and to leave her alone. The anthropologist followed her and explained she had a different identity. The anthropologist was then targeted by a low flying Shi'ar spaceship and revealed that she was really Danger and informed Rogue she was going to get her revenge on Professor Xavier for using her as a conduit. Danger was damaged by the Shi'ar and created an amalgamation of several past events in the X-Men's history prominently involving Rogue in the town using her hard light capabilities. As Professor Xavier and Gambit searched for her, Rogue evaded old versions of the X-Men and the Marauders that were part of Danger's creation. She was finally cornered by the Marauders and refused to let Mystique take control and save her as the fake Scalphunter shot at her. Mystique took over Rogue's body to save her and fought off the Marauders, returning Rogue's control over her body. [98] As a heroine, Rogue has no shortage of enemies, though her most personal nemesis may be Bella Donna Boudreaux, the ex-wife of Gambit. Their mutual love for the same man didn't immediately put them on a collision course; however, Rogue gave into temptation when she stole Bella Donna's memories while she was comatose. Bella Donna never forgave Rogue for that violation, and the escalation of their feud claimed the life of Cody, Rogue's oldest friend. a b June 09, Darren Franich Updated; EDT, 2022 at 12:31 PM. "Let's rank every X-Man ever". EW.com . Retrieved 2022-08-29. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: numeric names: authors list ( link) Rogue is part of the X-Treme X-Men team led by Storm. The team's first mission is in search of Destiny's diaries (which prophesy future events). During an invasion of Khan (an alien conqueror from another dimension) of the island nation of Madripoor, Rogue requests that Sage use her power of jump-starting abilities to evolve her to a point where she can control all of the various powers that she has ever absorbed. Sage agrees, and Rogue becomes a one-woman army, able to use the powers of anyone she absorbed in the past all at once. [47]

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After the events of the " Age of X" storyline, Rogue decides not to wipe her memories. Gambit admits the extent of his feelings for her, but is also frustrated by her indecisiveness. He tells her that it is better they are apart until she decides to be with him for good and that he would be waiting for her when she is ready. [85] She becomes torn between her feelings for Gambit and Magneto. After Rogue confronts Magneto about his past, she spends a night with him, promising nothing else. [86] Afterwards, Rogue joins Professor X, Frenzy, Legion, Magneto, and Gambit on a mission to capture several of Legion's personalities that escaped after Age of X. The final battle with Legion's personality Styx results in Rogue temporarily absorbing many of Legion's powers, which led her to finding the location of Havok, Polaris, and Marvel Girl; the mutants that were left in space after the X-Men's mission to stop Vulcan. [87] Mayo, John (2019-02-21). "DC's Action Comics Takes Top Spot on 2018's Best-Selling Comics List". CBR . Retrieved 2022-10-10. You’re basically dealing with organised criminal activity all the time. Fake companies, aliases, property fraud. You’ve also got the rise of property licensing and buy to let mortgages. A lot of landlords want to distance themselves from the frontline of it,” he said. In the What If? story "Bullet Points", in which a single bullet changed the history of Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Anthony Stark, and Steven Rogers, Rogue is seen alongside the X-Men of this reality, and appears in her iconic costume. She presumably has the same history as her mainstream counterpart and possesses both her own mutant abilities and the powers of Ms. Marvel. She later assists her teammates and many other heroes and villains against Galactus and watches as the Silver Surfer dies to prevent Earth from being devoured. [ volume&issueneeded]

Rogue is hospitalized after a battle with Pandemic. Cable, desiring Rogue's help in defeating the Hecatomb, forces her awake. Pandemic infects Rogue with a virus, Strain 88, altering her powers by amplifying them into an instantaneous death-touch. In defeating Hecatomb, Rogue absorbs psyches of eight billion entities that were stored inside it. [60] Cronin, Brian (September 27, 2008). "CBR's Top 50 X-Men". Comic Book Resources. p.3 . Retrieved February 25, 2009. In 2006, IGN ranked Rogue 4th in their "Top Ten X-Babes" list [174] and 5th in their "Top 25 X-Men" list. [175] Ionic Energy Form: The tissue and bones of her entire body presumably have now been augmented in strength and to a certain extent. She is now composed of organic matter that is permeated with this form of energy. Rogue formerly wore a pair of ruby quartz sunglasses to avoid accidentally harming anyone with optic blasts when she absorbed Cyclops' power.


In 2022, Screen Rant ranked Rogue 2nd in their "Top 10 X-Men, Ranked by Fighting Skills" list, [197] 5th in their "10 Best X-Men Characters Created By Chris Claremont" list, [198] 6th in their "10 Best Marvel Comics Characters That Went From Villain To Friend" list, [199] and included her in their "10 Most Powerful X-Men" list. [200] Flight: Rogue is able to fly through the air at great speeds, the exact limit of which isn't known; however, she can presumably now fly at speeds in excess of 700 mph. The issue in which Rogue joins the X-Men Uncanny X-Men #171 was voted the 49th greatest Marvel Comic of all time. Much like her regular abilities, these new powers were beyond her control. Rogue would randomly absorb raw energy from everyone around her with no real means of reining it in. At their most unfocused, the absorption would kill anyone she got too close to, leaving them a withered husk before reducing them to ashes in the wind.

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