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Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Gloomspite Gitz: Dankhold Troggoth

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We are going to look at building an army of these bad boys three different ways, using the new battletome. The first choice is to grab a Hag, if we do that shes basically points, combined with the 2 Troggbosses that's a whopping 1k points gone on just your 3 hero options. There are a lot of artefacts to get through here as they’re more split up by keyword, so these are just a selection of the more interesting ones. What the bad moon does is provide a benefit to any unit under its light, which means wholly within the large quarter that the moon is occupying, or the entire board if it’s in the centre.

Unlike those command traits these are not available to Unique, so Trugg can’t take any. Trogbosses however will benefit greatly! Unfortunately because of the high wounds on all your Troggbosses you won’t be able to take more than 1 artefact without access to the Warlord battalion so choose carefully and play to its strengths. Shootas and Stabbas return and both are improved on their baseline warscroll. Shootas in particular now come with more range and hit on a 4+ with their bows, and get an extra shot for having 10 or more models. Stabbas have their shield baked in for a base 5+ save and have lost their wound bonus in exchange for a really exciting ability to contest objectives from 9” away instead of 6”. There’s 2 major reasons people generally like the gitz: They like the underdogs, or they like the silliness (or both!). Gitz have been seen as the underdog army basically from Age of Sigmar’s inception. Their rules have always been a bit haphazard, weaker than equivalent units and subject to a lot of randomness. This does have a certain appeal to a kind of person who didn’t really care about winning and just wanted to cause some chaos on the table. Thus, Age of Sigmar continues to deliver striking models positively gushing with character, not only being memorable but also joyous to paint with Trugg being the latest and possibly finest example of this. I swore I'd never paint another Troggoth HQ alter painting 2 Dankhold Troggoths coated in more barnacles than brushes have bristles, but nevertheless I have sworn undying fealty to my new king. Long live the Troggoth king! Long live Trugg!Dankhold General or Skragrott, I really think those are the only 2 general choices for Dankhold armies. Their fantastic damage potential makes both units excellent additions to a Kruleboyz army, so let’s take a look at their warscrolls for all the juicy details. Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth This crude but potent ballista fires huge bolts specially designed to pierce the tough hides of giant creatures. With its Skewered rule, the bigger your target, the more wounds this vicious weapon inflicts. Get a load of these stats. Troggs have the Glowy Howzit , a mighty 4+ ward artefact that gets turned off if you roll a 1 after taking damage that isn’t negated, and the Pet Gribbly which gives +1 wound and then +1 to hit and wound if you roll a 1 after taking damage that isn’t negated. There are smaller details that also help to excel Trugg’s model above the rest. He seems to have carvings onto his flesh that resemble cave paintings, hinting that he’s been (deeply) asleep for a (very) long time. The moss and draped foliage and filth hanging off of him embed the Troggoth tropes of spending long periods in the deepest dank, sleeping until feeling the need to eat. Utlimately, Trugg’s model is to be a fine centrepiece for any Troggoth aficionado and will surely lord his regal presence to any and all who lay eyes upon him. Rules Befitting a Ruler

Crunchy Shinies –Changes the bearer’s move to D6+5″ from the normal 6″ move. At the worst roll he’s not slower, on an average roll you’re getting a bit more movement and at the peak 11″ potential that’s a Troggboss really legging it down the field. You can of course still run as well if you wished for an average 12″ move to get somewhere important. Troggs are slow and this little boost will make a difference to getting into combat or not.

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Improved Moon Mechanics – The bad moon isn’t going to be immediately flying off the board before you can use it anymore, and there are new ways to count your models as under its light even when they aren’t. The already impressive range and reliability of the Killbow pairs well with the Big Yellers Warclan ability, netting you a tasty extra 3” range, as well as a reroll should you fail to hit. These massive Troggoths are tough enough to go toe to toe with the biggest monsters in the game and come out on top. Capable of regenerating wounds and shrugging off spells with ease, they’re perfect for any general looking to give their army a bit of extra punch – literally. Grimscuttle is a total rewrite from the old White Dwarf rules and feels like it still doesn’t quite get there for what is one of the weaker standalone parts of the army. This now lets you deploy up to two spiderfang units off the board with each skitterstrand that you have already deployed in ambush from beyond – bringing all the units on together when the skitterstrand deploys onto the board. It’s certainly an interesting way to keep some of your units safe from early alpha strikes, but can leave you at the mercy of multiple 9” charges. Battalions

Found in the realm of Hysh it seems, this grants a 5+ Feel No Pain for mortal wounds for the bearer. Troggoths are already tanky so this is in line with their M.O. Battalion: Stomping MegamobIt really is a simple list. It walks forwards, kills what it hits (hopefully) and takes objectives that way. Yes, it’s relatively slow, but any army of Troggs will be! Importantly it looks very fun to put down onto the table. Oops All Dankhold There’s three interesting, if not overwhelmingly strong, options for the Dankhold Troggboss. Firstly, Alpha Trogg provides two extra wounds and the Monster keyword, a small mercy for everyone who thought they should be monsters anyway. Trogg Smash is a once per battle 3” mortal wound bomb that triggers after the Troggboss fights. Most intriguing is Loonskin which lets you take one of the non-arachnacauldron Gitz endless spells for 0 points and lets your general attempt to cast it (but crucially, does not make them a wizard so any of those predatory spells will be wild). Artefacts Dust-Gargant • Ghurish Gargant • Mason-Gargant • Mega-Gargant • Mere-Gargant • Moss Gargant • Sky-Titan • Storm Gargant • Ulguan Gargant This review was completed using a copy of Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz given to us free by Games Workshop. The Troggherds played a vital part of Skragrott the Loonking's conquest of Skrappa Spill. [2b] Organisation

There you have it. A very expensive and low model count army that takes advantage of the sweet new models that GW is pushing out. With as few models as there are, you just might not be as competitive as you like. So I've been playing around with the numbers a bit and I feel like there are three questions which have to be asked when going into a list. To start just a nice simple well-rounded Trogg list. It’s difficult to make up a list without being a fair amount down on points, so at least the triumph bid is a big possibility! There’s 3 kinds of Trogg units, plus a leader and a named leader. While not a ton of variety, lets try and keep it in theme as best we can. Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzJust one, and it’s a weird one. Troggherd Heavies has a required Troggboss, one Dankhold Troggoth and no optional units. For this you get the Magnificent ability. This is actually OK, Dankholds are no longer totally embarrassing, and this is an easy battalion to fulfil for a decent reward. Why there is just one core battalion and only for Troggs is another question, but it’s what we’ve got. Grand Strategies Moonclan units get Frothing Zealots for everyone’s favourite 4+ rally and Lunar Squigs still provides the excellent ability to run and charge for squigs. Spiderfang Venom upgrades the spider venom of your spiderfang units to trigger on an unmodified 5+, and Moonlit Hide is your trogg buff for +1 to save rolls. For those of you with a spiderfang general, Spider Riders can be battleline and certainly exist. A bit more exciting is the Arachnarok Spider with Spiderfang Warparty , giving the faction its sole ability to monster mash if you’re that way inclined. No longer relegated to being the worst big spider but it’s battleline I guess, the warparty now counts as 10 models for contesting objectives which is really good! Behemoth Just like their cave-dwelling counterparts, these troggoths have preternaturally fast metabolisms that allow them to regenerate wounds at an alarming rate.

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