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Wind-Turbine-Technician-Course-4-DaysWind Turbine Technician Course 11th September 2012 Feedback Forms and Photo's

Feedback Forms

Adam Wilkinson Craig Brooker
Craig Stansfield Greg Swan
Matt Pallister Scott Warren
Stephen Anim-Mensah

IMG 0524

Team 2 Work the hydraulics and bolt the turbine to the base foundation.

IMG 0525

Team 2 completes the build and checks the torque settings.

IMG 0526

Craig, Greg, Craigand Stephen happy to complete the erection of the turbine.

IMG 1625

Scott and Matt bolting the mid section together.

IMG 1627

Scott and Matt checking the mid flange.

IMG 1628

Team 2 checking the blade solidty calculations.

IMG 1629

Team 2 blade inspection.

IMG 1631

Team 1 finishing the bolting of the sections of our training turbine.

IMG 1633

Team 2 torqueing the rotor together.

IMG 1636

The rain had set in on day 3 and some were happier to be outside than others.

IMG 1647

A happy course of potential wind turbine technicians!

Left to Right, Len Harvey, Dave Pallas, Scott Warren, Craig Stansfield, Greg Swan, Craig Brooker, Stephen Anim-Mensah, Matt Pallister and Adam Wilkinson

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