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G59/2-1 Site Visits

I thought it would be a good idea to let you have a look at some of the sites situations we come across, if for nothing else it will make you aware of the vast range of different sites we work on. Dont forget when you become a G59/2-1 Test and Commissioning Engineer, you could be working on all types of equipment.

We tested one the other Day in London, where the relay which happened to be a ComAp Main Pro, was controlling over 4 Million pounds worth of generating equipment.


One thing to learn from the photos above, is to try and keep the amount of People on site down to as few as possible. On the site above it was totally out of control, and dont forget that among the ruck of People gathered around, are me and the DNO Witness, who where trying to do a witness test.

And I dont care how many witness tests you have done! you will get mixed up and make mistakes!!

It also takes much longer, here it took all Day, but this was mainly because they where not really ready for the tests to take place.



 Dont forget that this ComAp Mains Pro Relay is controlling over 4 million Pounds worth of equipment and many Kwh's of output.

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