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G59/2-1 Site Visits

We are proud to be able to deliver the first G59/2-1 Engineering Recommendations advanced training course, and below you will see pictures of some of the clients we have had on our courses, you will also see our first client who has gone right through our range of G59/2-1 Courses from the basic right through to advanced and then on to site testing and commissioning.

This is the proof if you need it, that our courses not only work but they take you all the way through to fully trained competency. You will not get this support from any other training provider.




These are photos of Mr Peter Warren who has been on all our G59/2-1 courses, which include the foundation and the Two Day advanced training.

Peter passed all the required parts of the training with flying colours, and you can see him pictured on his first 50 Kwp Installation, where we were in attendance to work him through the Testing and Commissioning of the project.

This was carried out successfully in one day and Peter is now a competant G59/2-1 installer, and has already got the next 2 projects lined up and ready to go.







The Guy on the right of this picture shown above, is now smilling because his project has just passed the G59/2-1 Test and Commissioning.

As you can see from the hats it was very cold and we where doing the test on a Golf course hence the Ping Hats.

You can see in the background a Fronius CL48 which was used on this 49.2 Kwp Project.

The panel on the left side of the photo is one that we supplied, I can supply you with all the details for these panels, but please be aware these are bespoke panels and will be made to suite your project.






Not many People get to see the inside of a CL series inverter, well above you can see what fantastic engineering they turn out!!






I hope you agree with me that this equipment allows you to show, what a nice install can look like.

If you want to install like this please get in touch and we can help you do the same.

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