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The information shown in the demonstration page is based on some of the 90 Power Point Slides in this course, some of them have voice over's and some do not, but rest assured there is a massive amount of information held in these online courses. This section is for Foundation G59/2-1. There is also an exam and a certificate on completion of the course.

Course Information.

We have taken as much care as possible to make sure the information within this training course and the downloads supplied in it, are as up to date as possible, but there are area's that are always changing, like the Feed in Tariff.
This can never be kept at the correct level as the Government changes it so often. So please take the information given as a guide and no more.

The foundation part of the G59/2-1 training course is constructed in such a way that it will give you a clear understanding of the basic requirement for application's and installation's which require G59/2-1 knowledge. Please write down any information that you may want to retain, this is the best way of making sure you have the knowledge you will need to pass the exam at the end of the course.

With this course being online and the question's being in a multi choice format we are having to trust our student's to be honest with both yourself and us, mainly because with multi choice question's you will off course get the answer right eventually, but we need you to be honest, if you cannot go through the question's in a sensible way and get 100% without having to do more than two attempts please stop! go back and re-sit the area of the course that you have not fully understood.

If you do not do this, you will struggle later on when you undertake the more advanced parts of this course, and please believe me there are many. This will also give you the best chance of fully understanding the course and its contents.

When you sign up for your course always visit the Documents area of the course, you will find there a massive amount of downloadable material that will help you through the course content, you can download this information straight from the website to your desk top.

So please enjoy your time with us, and dont forget take your time.
Please pay attention to the screen and when you are ready for more information please click on the power point screen.

When you are finished viewing the information please click on the Next Module Button in the top right-hand corner of the page, this will then take you forward.

We hope you enjoy the training session.

G59 Preview 1
G59 Preview 2
G59 Preview 3

G59 Preview 4
G59 Preview 5

There is also a massive amount of helpful downloadable information waiting for you in the course documents area.


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