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Solar PV Installations


Solar PV installations are one of the most popular forms of renewable energy technologies in the UK and around the world. During the 2011 boom in PV feed in tariffs the installations of solar PV systems went through the roof and prompted many companies to utilise the technology to cut their energy costs. Solar PV installation are still a viable solution for many companies, from small farms through to large industrial units or even a complex of units or Solar Parks. Solar energy is probably the most recognizable renewable resource and can be very cost effective due to the popularity in the technology, prices have come down exponentially. With the number of companies out there vying for your custom, you can get high quality systems at a fraction of there previous cost.

The Renewable Solution have been working with solar PV installations for many years and have done all sizes of installations from 4kw to 300kw and overseen jobs even higher to multiple megawatts of power. This vast experience in solar PV installations puts us in a great position to help you plan, install and maintain a solar PV system. With no preferred supplier we can ensure that we source the right panel for you, if budget is your main driving force or efficiency, we can balance the two elements to get the best efficiency for your money and ensure you get your payback on the system as soon as possible.



We can also source investors for your project if that is the route you wish to take and ensures you do not have to outlay the cost yourself but get the payment back from your un-used roof space or land. Ideal for farmers or industrial unit owners this option makes you money for no outlay in costs and is one of the options available for solar PV that is still increasing in volume of sales. If you feel that you have enough roof space or ground space to accommodate such a solution, please get in touch and we can help from start to finish to organise the project. As an accredited BPEC training facility you can rest assured that our fully qualified experts and trainers have all the knowledge required to facilitate the project.

We cover the length and breadth of the UK and for larger projects can travel overseas to lead a project (as we have in the past) No project is outside our comfort zone! Please use the links below to explore our full range of services, options and solutions to meet your every need.

  • How Solar PV Panels WorkSolar-PV-Installations-Image-4
    • Panels
    • Roof Anchors
    • Mounting Frames
    • Magnetic Levitation
    • Ground Frames
    • G59/2-1 Panels
  • Project Design
    • Site Visits
    • Solar Resource Checks
    • Roof Space Calculator
    • Energy Calculations
    • Environmental Assessments
    • Data Analysis
    • Applicable Legislation
  • Installation
    • Timescales
    • String Configurations
  • Maintenance
    • System Performance Analysis

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