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relay awareness 1day
In our continuing quest to develop our place as leading bespoke training providers within the renewable industry, we have now developed a one day Relay Awareness course. We now have the facilities to train students on what we believe to be the 5 leading protection relays that are available at this time in the renewable industry.

This one day course will help your staff understand what the relays can or in some cases can't do, all our demonstration relays are shown in working protection panels, and you will be able to see them tested in real time.

ComAp Intelipro

Integrated protection solution for generators operating in parallel to mains applications. Configurable to suit customer requirements.
An advanced mains and generator protection relay with advanced communications, remote monitoring and data logging.

ComAp Intelipro PictureMain features:

Complies to G59/3-2 G59/2-1 G59/2, G10, G83, IEC 60255, IEEE1547, VDE-V-0126-1-1
Selectable features from the InteliPro options list.
Possibility to enable the appropriate functions required by your utility
Detailed history log fully records the nature of mains disturbances including brown-outs
Watchdog reporting provides increased reliability of the installation
Advanced on-line communication notifies immediately of changes in the mains-connection
Door mounting option with clear graphical display
Password protection ensures setting are fully secured
Available with pole slip protection

ComAp MainsPro

New microprocessor-based mains protection relay developed for various mains parallel applications. Meets the latest, G59/3-2 G59/2-1 G59/2, G10, G83 standards.
ComAp MainsPro G59/2 relay is essential to avoid supplying your electricity into an islanded grid, leading to possible equipment damage or safety issues.
Newly launched by mains protection's experts ComAp, the microprocessor-based protection instrument MainsPro has been developed for various mains parallel applications. These include embedded generator sets and renewable energy sources such as photo-voltaic installations, wind turbine and other forms of micro cogeneration.

ComAp Mains Pro PictureThe MainsPro relay meets standards:

G83, G59 and the new G59/2 IEC 60255
True RMS measurement for increased accuracy. Reliable evaluation of failures.
Vector Shift and ROCOF protections available in one unit to choose the best fit to secure your site
Symmetrical components for better detection of voltage asymmetry failures.
Two stage settings of voltage and frequency protections to cover short term as well as long term disturbances with appropriate priority.
Free assignment of 5 relay outputs allows wide range of signalling and trip methods.
4 binary switches to remotely change operation of the unit
Adjustable time delay of Automatic fault reset to avoid necessity of on-site personnel
Universal power supply 8-40 VDC, 85-265 VAC, 110-370 VDC
Selectable voltage range 120/230/400 VAC with over-range to 156/290/520 VAC makes the unit independent on application
Supports 3-phase and 1-phase applications
Last trip recorded in order to provide the evidence of cause of trip

Woodward's MFR 11

Series multifunction relays offer a comprehensive package of industrial-grade protection and basic power management features. This device was designed for generators and switchgear equipment that require independent protection, whether in isolated operation or in parallel with the utility source.
Metering features, via interface and analog outputs, complement the MFR-11 Series. The compact size and multiple functions of the MFR 11 Series help to simplify switchgear design. Woodward's field proofed MFR 11 Series has been a reliable solution for protection of low and high scale power generation applications for many years.

Woodward MFR11 PictureFeatures include:

Analog load share line for active power load sharing between MFR15 devices
Front panel display for visualization and configuration
PC configuration
Discrete raise/lower outputs to control voltage, frequency, active and reactive power
True RMS sensing for industrial grade generator protection
Synchronization and synch check features for generator breaker
Counters for kWh and kvarh
3 free configurable relay outputs (setpoints and delay timers)
Password protection


All-in-one unit, the COMPLETE solution
G59/2 Loss of Mains Protection
Adjustable Supervision Delay
Cause of Trip LEDs and Event Log
Digitally Controlled Operation
Tamper Proof configuration via the HHP1/HHP2 or via PC (HHP2 only)


The fully self-contained KCG591E provides precision protection against malfunction and human and operational hazards under loss of mains conditions.
The DIN rail mounted digitally controlled unit meets the protection requirements for generators connected to mains supply, such as defined in the G59/2 and similar recommendations.
Less wiring, no extra modules. Operating mode is selected by simple auxiliary contacts on the generator breaker and on the mains breaker. LEDs and open collector outputs indicate operating mode and "First Up" cause of trip.
State-of-the-art digital technology throughout, with quartz-controlled Loss of Mains detection. True RMS measurements.
Megacon Relay PictureLoss of Mains Protection
KCG591E will provide the following protection:
2 stage Over and Under Voltage
2 stage Over and Under Frequency
Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF, df/dt)
Vector Shift (step phase angle)

Deep Sea DSEP 100

This relay is the new kid on the block but we have tested it and used it on site and it's very nice to use and the Company behind it are very well known in the industry. Price wise its very competitive indeed.


• Used to detect mains (utility) failure when in parallel with a generator supply
• Designed to assist with integration with a number of world standards including G59/3-2 G59/2-1 G59/2, G83/2 C10/11 & CEO10-21
•  Two stage under & over voltage protection
•  10 second rolling average over voltage protection
•  Two stage under & over frequency protection
•  Voltage asymmetry protection
•  Vector shift protection
•  R.O.C.O.F protection
•  Incorrect phase sequence protection
•  Positive sequence under voltage protection
•  Negative sequence over voltage protection
•  Zero sequence over voltage protection (NVD Protection)
•  Lockable security tab to prevent  configuration changes after commissioning


•  True 3 phase mains (utility) RMS measurement
• Adjustable parameters by Front Panel Editor (FPE) or by the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software
• SCADA monitoring using DSE Configuration Suite PC Software
• Large, clear display for instrumentation and status indication
• LED & LCD Indication for fault status
•  Five button menu navigation
• Dedicated alarm reset button
• 5 configurable volt-free changeover relays for simple system integration
•  Configurable event log (250)
•  Alternate configuration select
• DIN rail mounting


• All mains decoupling functions in one stylish easy to mount device
• Flexible for all mains (utility) decoupling applications - Can be used to trip the mains breaker, generator breaker or both
• Configurable automatic reset timer to avoid manual reset by site personnel.

The cost of this one day course is £349+VAT various dates available.

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