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DNO Communication & Negotiation

Our team has vast knowledge and information regarding how to communicate with the DNO's. After many years of carrying out witness tests, they have built up some great relationships with the DNO's by knowing exactly what they require. IMG 0969

It can take up to 65 days for an application to go through with the DNO and The Renewable Solution has now got their applications being turned around in roughly a fortnight ! This course will will provide you with gems of information and help you understand what the DNO's require.

If you want to know our lecturer's wealth of DNO information, then this one day course is for you. We will be running this course on various dates,  at a price of £349+VAT.

Introduction To The DNO In Relation To
Large Scale / Commercial Installations

We have decided to hold a one day course to teach what knowledge is required regarding the DNO and how to make the leap from small domestic installations to large scale / commercial installations.
British Sugar DNO For domestic installers this course would be extremely beneficial as you would be able to offer  your services to a much wider audience.

If this is something of interest to you please get in touch to book your place. We will be running this one day course on various dates at a price of £349+VAT.

G59/3-2 Training Day Discussing New Parameters Of G59/3-2

With G59/3-2 now being implemented by the DNO's, we have decided to run a one day training course covering all of the engineering recommendation updates from G59/2-1 to G59/3-2.

If this is something of interest to you please get in touch to book your place. We will be offering this one day course on various dates,  at a price of £349 + VAT.
Great opportunity to bring yourself up to speed with the new G59/3-2 rules, regulations and parameters.

New Relay Awareness Course

In our continuing quest to develop our place as leading bespoke training providers within the renewable industry, we have now developed a one day Relay Awareness course. We now have the facilities to train students on what we believe to be the 5 leading protection relays that are available at this time in the renewable industry.
ComAp Intelipro Picture This one day course will help your staff understand what the relays can or in some cases can't do, all our demonstration relays are shown in working protection panels, and you will be able to see them tested in real time.

Click Here For Relay Awareness Course
This one day course is £349+VAT , various dates available.

Please contact the office 01477 415000 for more information, alternatively Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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