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is your relay control panel safe


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Over Heating Of Equipment

Renewable Solution like to help all our clients and anyone else who is working in the renewable industry by getting information into the public domain. With this in mind we have come across some very worrying trends with regard to under rating of G59/2-1 or G59/3-2 relay protection panels.

This situation has been brought to our attention by two different customers who came to us for help with control panels that were overheating and therefore tripping through reasons they did not understand. When we tested the panels both by way of mathematical calculations and our Flir thermal imaging equipment, we were able to show them that the panels they had in their systems were in fact under rated in several areas.

The main areas of concern are as follows :-
  • Cable csa was to small causing resistance and therefore overheating.
  • Conductor radii was far too small.
  • Both Isolators and Contactors were under rated.
  • Contact areas available for connecting conductors was to small again causing resistance and from that heat build up.
  • Positioning of the panel was poorly carried out in both cases, they were in rooms where the ambient temperature was far too high.
  • The spare area available inside the enclosure was far too small thus allowing the temperature to rise too dangerous levels in one case it was close to breaking out into fire.
  • With the enclosure being too small you also get a massive build up of Electromagnetic Influences again leading to resistance, this is an area were G59/3-2 is showing a great deal of interest with both mentions of Harmonics and DC Injection.

Please view the photos below, this is what happens when people chase cheaper Control Panels. You cannot buy cheap panels from anywhere and not leave your system open to this type of situation, basically if someone is very cheap, they must be saving costs somewhere. Please bear in mind that if these panels catch fire the money you have saved, will not even pay for the fireman's overtime let alone the factory that has just burned down.

If we can help in anyway please get in touch as it's best to be forewarned in this type of situation.

Is your relay control panel safe? Overheating Pic1 Is your relay control panel safe? Overheating Pic2
Is your relay control panel safe? Overheating Pic3 Is your relay control panel safe? Overheating Pic4
Is your relay control panel safe? - Burnt contactor

And this is what happens if you do not get the equipment and cable ratings right.

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