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Renewable Energy Installations

Over our years in the renewable energy installation industry we have cultivated relationships with numerous suppliers in each technology field and as such have no ties to any specific supplier but can draw on our years of knowledge and expertise to choose the right renewable energy solution and renewable energy product for you. Our focus is entirely on commercial installations ranging from a very basic 4kw Solar PV system through to a 10MW solar park. It is this range of technologies and products that enables us to ensure that our clients get the best possible renewable energy solution to fit their requirements.


Whether you own a farming estate or are in charge of purchasing for a large retail chain, our team of experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and options that would give you the best possible solution to enable your company to go green, reduce its costs on energy and/or make some money in the process. As the UK government pushes harder for a renewable energy future, the Renewable Solution are well placed to help small companies, large business chains and even local councils choose the right renewable energy technology to meet its needs. Our emphasis isn't on sales, instead we want to make sure that you get the system that is best for you, happy clients help bring more happy potential clients!

As installers that cover a full range of renewable energies we are ideally placed to even help other renewable energy installers with either larger projects that they have won but need assistance on under a white label system or the other way round whereby we can take on projects and pass down a finders fee for all approved contracts passed to us. This ensures that the client gets the best possible solution and no one misses out.


Please use the links on this page and the menu to the left to navigate through our list of services and options available. We hope that our website offers impartial advice on all technologies including the downsides of each for you to fully evaluate your options and be used as a point of research for everyone.

Due to our expertise in renewable energy installation we are also available to advise clients who are looking at other companies for renewable energy solutions in all renewable energy technologies to ensure you are getting the solution that is right for you. This could be anything from price comparison (not just with our company but other installers) through to the maths behind perhaps working out a wind turbines theoretical power output to substantiate claims made by manufacturers.

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You can see the quality of our installs through the menu to the left under each technology menu. We have also added them here for your convenience:

Our expertise is tied into our other business arms reciprocally, our training centre is a state of the art facility specifically designed to teach renewable energy technologies to a wide range or trainees. Our consultancy firm is a renowned company that has overseen numerous installations in all technologies both domestically and abroad. This wide range of experience enables us to make the best decision with you to ensure you get the most and the best solution for you. We can help with:Renewable-Energy-Installations-Image-4

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Turbines
  • Air Source
  • Ground Source
  • Biomass
  • L.E.D Lights
  • Voltage Optimizers
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • CHP Units

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