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Renewable Energy for Farmers

Which Technology

You might already know which technology you want through your own research. If you don't however, the Renewable Solution can help you decide on which renewable energy technology would be best for you and your site. We are a consultancy, installation and training company at the forefront of the renewable energy market and are able to supply and install all types of renewable energy technologies. Our reputation is built on years of quality for consulting, training, installing and testing. You can see by navigating through our site the full list of services we provide.
We aim to be a one stop solution for your renewable energy needs. It is this level of expertise in all areas involved with renewables that enables us to make the best decision for you. We aren't tied to installing only one technology like other companies so we truly can give you the facts and the best options. Additionally we aren't tied to one manufacturer for any technology. We can look at your options and decide on the best manufacturer for your money, return and generation.

Wind Turbines

farm wind turbine Wind turbines are the future, there is no doubt about it. It harnesses one of the UK's best assets; the wind! Wind power is here to stay and getting your turbine built now while the FIT's are high can result in a quicker payoff and a sooner payout ! The longer you leave it the less money you are making. You can even get finance options that cover install and maintenance. As a farmer you're electricity bills are going to be huge, especially dairy farmers running milking machines and lighting. 
A wind turbine can, depending on size, either drastically reducing your bills or if large enough, you can actually make money by selling your generated electricity back to the supplier. Wind turbines are getting more and more popular due to them generating power 24/7 in winds unlike solar which is only during daylight hours. This technology can be a great addition to your farm, especially if you're a poultry farmer, secure availability of supply by having a wind turbine on your land.

We can cover all sizes of wind turbine, from a simple 3kw turbine all the way to 250kW or higher. There is no limit to what turbine size we can supply and install for your site.  We have experience supplying and installing wind turbines of all sizes. You can see one of our sample installs here.

Solar Panels

solar panels for farmers The one thing the majority of farmers have is space! You'll probably have barn roofs with nothing on them, that space could be used to make you money, save you money or better still, both! This is equally important for ground space, both of these options can save and make you money. Whether you want a roof mount or ground mount we can provide a solution to you.
We have extensive experience of installing substantially sized projects for farmers. We have garnered an exceptional relationship within the farming community and are the preferred supplier for farming networks around the UK. Do you want to save thousands per year on electricity bills? Increase the value of hard-to farm areas or areas where you can't farm at all. Solar panels can even be installed and maintained for free and you can get a cheaper price on your electricity using a P.P.A scheme. 

If you are interested in leasing your land for a solar farm, you can receive £800 per acre, per year, index linked for 25 years. Please contact Katie at 01260 545059 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Anaerobic Digestion

anaerobic digestion farm Anaerobic Digestion Systems or AD's can utilise your waste products into further income for your farm. This technology has been around for some time but is now becoming more and more widely used in the farming community. The Renewable Solution has the experience, technology and knowledge to plan, supply, install and maintain your AD system. If your business is with large volumes of poultry, pigs, dairy cattle or other livestock or have access to other organic waste then an anaerobic digestion system could make you money.
You could substantially reduce your electricity bills not to mention the reduction in your own carbon footprint. The key to all this is reducing costs. By adding an anaerobic digestion, solar PV system or wind turbine, you can reduce your costs and depending on the system and size, actually make some money.

CHP Units

fam chp unit CHP units or Combined Heat & Power units are a quality solution for farmers who require heat and power for a large portion of the year. This will primarily suit poultry farmers who require lighting and heating for the breeding sections of the farm. CHP units can reduce costs for you and allow you to increase the profits from your farm. Even small CHP systems can provide savings to your farm. These systems can be utilized for poultry farms, pig units or heated greenhouses.
If in doubt it is always better to go smaller than larger as a system that is over spec will cost whereas a small system will still save although not as much. As with our other technologies, we can plan, source, install, test and maintain any CHP system installed. Feel free to email or call us for further information. You can see examples of our work for CHP units .
You can email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 01477 415000

We cover all types of renewable energy technologies but solar wind and anaerobic are the best and most popular choices for most farmers. As we said above, we will be able to carry out a full feasibility study to decide what solution would be best for you as a farmer and advise you on that. As commodity prices continue to drop through the UK it is clear that farmers need to act now to ensure that they stay afloat and by adding a renewable energy system to your farm you can start generating excess income.
One thing is for sure, your farming neighbours are doing it! Each day we get more and more calls from farmers enquiring and going ahead with renewable energy solutions. It makes sense too, either you have some capital to spend on a system yourself or you just want cheaper electricity bills. The savings speak for themselves and so do the prices.
You can call us today to discuss what options you have and what we can do for you. - 01260 545059

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