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G59 3 Training Day Recommendations
Understanding the new G59/3-2 Engineering Recommendations for the connection of Generating Plant to The Distribution System of Licensed Distribution Network Operators.
During this One Day Training Session we will introduce you to all the changes within G59/3-2 and how these changes will affect your (SSEG) Project.

The new G59/3-2 Engineering Regulations are now in place, there is a grace period of 18 Months from the launch Date of Sept 1 2013, but you must be ready for these changes as the DNO have the right to enforce them right now.

In fact we have already done on site Witness Tests where the Witness has requested us to use the parameters and guidelines from the new G59/3-2 Engineering Regulations.

It is considered that the revised EREC G59/3-2 addresses comprehensively a massive range of issues. The most significant changes to the G59/2-1 document have occurred in:

 Section 6, concerning the Connection Application process – this has made it clearer as to the requirements for consent, protection, commissioning tests and witness testing that are applicable for each Generating Unit size;

Note: We will undertake to introduce to you the new application process and paperwork.

 Section 7, which has been significantly extended to include provisions relating to the balancing of generation at the LV level and to make allowance for the introduction of Voltage Management Units.

Note: This area is completely changed with references now been made to DC Injection and Phase balance as well as our friend Harmonics. These areas are covered in great detail on our test engineer course where we have a lot more time but we will endeavour to at least introduce you to the problems caused by the above.

 Section 9, where a new section of performance requirements for Type Tested Generating Units has been inserted, to align with EREC G83/2, and additional provisions relating to flicker;

Note: We will introduce you to the new self certified test sheets.

 Section 10, to reflect the change in nominal LV voltage to 230V throughout, this section also shows the alteration of the parameters for both over and under voltage settings.

Note: This area has caused massive changes which we will discuss in detail.

 Section 12, to align the Testing and Commissioning requirements with those proposed in EREC G83/2.

Note: We will discuss the balance between the two areas.

 Section 13, This area is concerned with system stability and the best way that this stability can be achieved with consent from the DNO concerned.

Note: This area brings into the discussion how we need to balance the phases under G59/3-2.

With G59/3-2 now being implemented by the DNO's, we have decided to run a one day training course.

If this is something of interest to you please get in touch to book your place. Dates available to suit you ... for £349 + VAT per person

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