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The course will be based over 6 days, 5 days in the workshop and 1 day on site at a later date for you to carry out your G59 Test in front of a DNO witness.
Before you decide to book onto our G59/3-2 Test Engineer Training programme why not have a look at the feedback forms from the guys who attended one of our courses in 2015. Please see below and click on the guys names to read their feedback and if you have any questions please feel free to call us to discuss.

Adam Cohen - Metri Cab 

John Gallagher - Micro Solar

Steve Knott

With G59/3-2 engineering recommendations now in use as of 1st September 2015. We have now completely restructured the course to incorporate all of the new parameters and guidelines which have changed from G59/3-1. This will enable all candidates that qualify through our Test Engineer Course, to be ready to test under the supervision of DNO witness's using the parameters from G59/3-2.

The aim of this training programme is to test and commission any system which falls under G59/3-2 engineering recommendations. I.E Any (SSEG) small scale embedded generator that is rated at over 16 amps per phase.

The course involves 5 days in the workshop of intensive training. We can take any competent electrician into the world of advanced testing procedures, we do this in such a way that you will become competent  to stand in front of any DNO witness and produce the test parameters that they demand.

To enable us to do this we have developed a bespoke G59/3-2 Test Engineer Training Course to enable you to commission any system that is using a G59/3-2 Protection Relay Panel. This training can also be used to add an additional income stream to your business as the demand for G59/3-2 test engineers is constantly growing due to the fact that these tests are required for all generation systems including, PV, Hydro, Wind, Generator and CHP Etc.
You cannot get this training anywhere else in the UK so take full advantage and give yourself the leading edge in the industry. Please see below for full course information.
The G59/3-2 Training Programme is broken down into three modules as follows:-
First Module is a theory lecture supported by comprehensive course literature and operated in a free flowing forum.
IMG 0831
Second Module is both theory and some practical training. This module will be theory covering the more advanced areas of testing; you must fully understand what the DNO are asking you to produce during any witnessing, after all they will know what they require. During this module time will be spent with a practical look at the Protection Relay Panels and the test equipment.
This will then allow candidates to start to get to know how the panels work with the aid of different types of relays, this time is for practise with both the operating of the tester and how the relays are set up to the requirements of G59/3-2.
We actively encourage students to work as a team and the flow of questions and answers between students and the lecturer are part of the learning process.
Third Module will require several hours of intensive training with the instructor. This will be a classroom based module run on a contained structured basis. You will be required to pass your in-classroom training before you can do the on-site testing.
On completion of the above the lecturer will attend a site of our choice where you will be required to take charge and lead the witness testing. On completion of the testing if the witness agrees to sign off your test you will have passed your final qualification. Thus making you a G59/3-2 Test Engineer.

Each module will be finalised with a formal examination and each stage that is passed will be supported by a certificate issued to the candidate by name. Upon successful completion of all four stages, the candidate will then be issued with their final certification as a competent Commissioning Engineer. The training programme will show due diligence of training and understanding of the G59/3-2 process.
These records will be retained by Renewable Solution Ltd, to ensure that an audit trail of the paperwork is retained for any future inspection.

The following gives a synopsis of what is included in the modules :
Areas to be discussed in modules :
  • Design and specification of medium scale G59/3-2 grid connected PV Systems
  • Protection requirements
  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) liaison process
  • DNO notification and paperwork
  • System testing procedures (theory)
  • Commissioning and grid connection
  • Examination
  • Certificate Issued upon successful completion of examination
  • Proving competency in testing and commissioning of G59/3-2
  • Communication with the DNO regarding witnessing
  • Rules and regulations in regards to OFGEM in relation to the DNO's
  • Advanced information on Galvanic Corrosion and Galvanic Separation
  • How we avoid Galvanic Reactions
  • Understanding of Harmonics
    IMG 0951
  • Discussing spurious excursions from the limits set by the DNO
  • Advanced discussions on Vector Shift and ROCOF
  • Discussing VARS
  • Power Factor
  • Vector Shift
  • Sine Waves
  • Voltage Tripping
  • Discussing Compliant Inverters
  • Familiarisation of the relays
  • Familiarisation of the Testing Meter
  • Examination
  • Certificate Issued upon successful completion of examination
Modules based on testing procedures

These training periods with the lecturer, will be conducted in a controlled classroom environment. They will consist of the following protection relays:
  • T&R DVS3 Relay Test Meter
    IMG 0953
  • T&R DVS3 Transformer
  • G59/3-2- Complete Panel
  • Woodward MFR11 Protection Relay
  • Comap Mains Pro Protection Relay
  • Megacon KCG598 Protection Relay
  • Woodward MFR12 Protection Relay
  • Comap Intellipro Protection Relay
  • Deep Sea DSEP100 Relay
Simulated G59/3-2 live testing is taught to candidate to ensure that they are compliant with DNO Officer Requirements for on-site testing and commissioning.
  • Over and under voltage
  • Over and under frequency
  • Loss of mains through vector shift or rocof
The aim of this training programme is to offer the candidate intense electrical training,
To confidently drive and operate four different relays through the G59/3-2 Panel and Relay Test Meter. This will not only give an understanding of the relays but also intense training of how to work and operate the T&R DVS3 Relay Test Meter with confidence.
The final input to the training programme will require the lecturer to attend a site of our choice to assist you with your test and commission of our G59/3-2 system. The system will be fully commissioned by the candidate under the watchful eye of the Renewable Solution lecturer/engineer. If the Distribution Network Operator Witness accepts the test performed then the candidate will be issued with a certificate of competence.
Upon the successful completion of all the above training programmes the candidate will have autonomy to commission G59/3-2 Systems.

In our continuing quest to develop our place as leading bespoke training providers within the renewable industry, we have now developed a one day Relay Awareness course. We now have the facilities to train students on what we believe to be the 5 leading protection relays that are available at this time in the renewable industry. For more information about this one day Relay Awareness course CLICK HERE

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