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Test with the New Fronius Agilo Inverters

These photos show one of our latest Witness Tests where the contractor was using the latest addition to the Fronius Inverter range, the Agilo.

As you can see from the smiling face on the DNO witness, it all went well and was up and running straight after the tester was disconnected.

If you want your DNO Witness Test to go as smoothly as this one did why not get in touch with us. Book your test at 01260 545085.

Small Fronius Agilo 1

Here you can see above two Fronius Agilo 100kW Inverters that were used for this installation

Small Fronius Agilo 2

Above is the G59/2 Protection Relay Panel that was bespoke built for the installation

Small Fronius Agilo 3

Above is the front of the G59/2 Panel with door mounted Generation Meter & System Healthy Indicator

Small Fronius Agilo 4

Above our Engineer Dave with the DNO Witness after the project is all commissioned

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