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Renewable Solution is the only certified training and consultancy renewable energy company in the UK that we are aware of and this puts us in a extremely unique position to be able to give top quality training and bespoke consultancy services.

trainingcenter2Our training centre is one of a kind and is tailored for a more personal and high end training approach. It is specifically designed for the renewable energy industry and is built on a bespoke, friendly and knowledgeable approach. Our training centre is not call centre driven and is unlike other trade skill centres that focus more on quantity than quality, here at Renewable Solution we provide the quality that training in such a specific field requires. As we are renewable energy consultants we have a unique view into the industry and are able to apply that in our training courses with real world examples of issues you may be faced with and more importantly, how to fix those issues. Our training centre is fully equipped with numerous relay panels including our own G59/2-1 and G59/3-2 Panels. As we specialise in the renewable energy industry alone, it allows us to deliver the best possible training available to you and give you the piece of mind that the information you are taught is the best out there today!

We value our trainee's and endeavour to make sure that your time with us will be an experience you enjoy. We will go out of our way to accommodate your requirements and make you feel relaxed and welcome. Our courses can be an intense learning curve so by going the extra mile to make you feel at ease is going to make your time with us a more enjoyable one. You wont find any polystyrene cups here!

We're not interested in volume here, our emphasis is on the quality of our courses and how each engineer takes that course and what they gain from it. You are training to enhance your renewable energy career so ensuring that these courses are top quality is a big focus of ours and according to our feedback forms, we are achieving that goal. Our training courses also build strong relationships that last long after the course is over and can help us both in future projects. We're looking to build long term relationships, not a production line of trainee's. Our business model lends itself to us doing our best to help you succeed in the renewable energy industry!

A large portion of our trainee's that complete courses come back to us for various other services, further education, consultancy work and/or panel sales. Similarly, our consultancy clients sometimes engage us to carry out training for staff. Our various elements of business tie into each other seamlessly to bring you the very best of the renewable energy training and consultancy sector.

dave-pallasOur lecturer and main consultant is Dave Pallas, a degree qualified lecturer and qualified electrical engineer. In our courses you wont be subjected to sitting in front of a power point presentation for hours on end while someone reads parrot fashion from a script. With our courses you are going to be engaged and challenged to build your knowledge and Dave can tailor the direction and speed of the course to the class and the specific people in that class. As Dave also does our commissioning work he is able to give you real examples while training and not just read from training material. He is  commissioning projects as an ongoing aspect to our business so he has real world experience of installations, maintenance and DNO interactions.

As one of very few renewable energy companies we are very unique. As we provide training services and can provide a full range of consultancy services for the renewable energy sector. We have proudly been utilised in various projects in the UK and overseas. We are truly a global company and can carry out any project from small installations to multi-million pound contracts. We have the elements in place and the resources at hand to facilitate any size project.

Our G59/2-1 and G59/3-2 Panels are made using the years and wealth of knowledge Dave Pallas has gained and are specifically designed to be easy to use and test. Dave has been to many sites around the UK and overseas where the panels were not well designed and were difficult to test or work with due to this. Our panels range in price depending on what features you require but we are 100% sure we have a panel to suit your needs. With our own in house CAD team we can cover all aspects of design from initial concept to production.

When Dave, isn't lecturing on one of our courses or other project work, he is out on site commissioning projects. This is our backbone and where Dave, draws on his extensive knowledge to lecture in our courses. Our commissioning work covers everything!

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Mission Statement

Renewable Solution can offer its clients a full consultancy service to include independent advice, site surveys, technology consultation, system design, G59/3 Consultancy and applications, project management and full installation service by fully trained and competent engineers.

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